A "75% Power Level" deck for multiplayer that attempts to generate an emblem from any Planeswalker card as the emblem will generally end the game. For the color combination of GWUB there are more than two dozen Planeswalker cards that generate emblems; we have six of them in this deck. The other three Planeswalker cards have Ultimate abilities that generate so much value they also tend to end the game on the spot.

All but one of our Planeswalker cards has a way to protect itself, so it is possible to play a Planeswalker card and slowly work towards its Ultimate ability, especially with Oath of Teferi doubling activation. Additional loyalty counters and protection can come from Atraxa, Praetors' Voice (a great deterrent and source of life gain) along with Bitterblossom and our suite of removal and counters.

It is best, though, to play a Planeswalker card and use its Ultimate ability the turn it enters the battlefield. To accomplish this task we employ Doubling Season and Deepglow Skate to allow all but one of our Planeswalker cards to use their Ultimate ability immediately.

With one or more emblems in play it is possible to take infinite turns, gain infinite life, create infinite creature tokens, have infinite Planeswalker activations, draw our entire deck, bounce/destroy/exile all nonland permanents, and destroy all lands. With Doubling Season and Jace, Cunning Castaway it is also possible to generate infinite Planeswalker tokens. There is no combination of cards, though, that generates an immediate win through damage, loss of life, having our opponents draw a card from an empty library, or via an alternate win condition.


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