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Elves everywhere! Stompy stompy

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This deck is all about to get tons of mana as quickly as possible using some awsome elves!

The basics

This deck is not very difficult to play, yet it has some cool tricks (see section "Tricks") to manage hard situations.
The main cards are Heritage Druid, Nettle Sentinel, Elvish Archdruid and Craterhoof Behemoth. You win by playing Craterhoof Behemoth or just ramping up the elves using Joraga Warcaller , Elvish Champion or similar creatures.

No Cloudstone Curio? I know, the card is good, but I just don't wanna play it (personal reason :-)).

Ramp up

The following elves are just normal mana dorks:
Others that can make mana:
With all those creatures, especially with Elvish Archdruid, you get to five, six, seven mana without any effort at all.


The real mana power in this deck lies behind Heritage Druid + Nettle Sentinel .
With two Nettle Sentinels and one Heritage Druid out, you can tap all three for (does not even matter if you just played them, the ability of Heritage Druid does not require any , so you can activate it even in the turn you played him).

Using the just created mana, you can play, for example, an Elvish Mystic. By playing a green spell, both Nettle Sentinels will get untapped. You now have three untapped elves again (the one you just played and both Nettle Sentinels).
Mind that you only used of the you had, so is left. Tapping three elves gives you another , you now have five mana.
Play again another elf for one or two mana, let's say Elvish Visionary. You drew a card and in your mana pool is now , again three elves to tap ready. Make three mana, have six in the pool.
Play another one-drop, let's say Llanowar Elves. When tapping the three elves again, you will have (8) in your pool, which lets you play Craterhoof Behemoth and attack lethal.

That's pretty heavy, isn't it?
If you don't have enough creatures in your hand for the combo, you can just make some mana and play tons of elves, one by one.

Things you need to know

Which fattie to play

Now after you got the basics and know how the main combo goes, let's get closer to some small, but important details of this deck.
You may have seen that I run one Regal Force. This is excellent if you don't want to go right off with the combo but instead take the safe road.
He should generally bring you a lot of cards, mostly elves :D.

Ezuri, Renegade Leader

Ezuri, Renegade Leader helps you with holding the lines. He regenerates one elf after another and can open the gate to victory by just Overrunning your opponent. One is a must in this deck.

Joraga Warcaller

Joraga Warcaller is very adjustable, so no need to just wait for 901 mana when you got driven into a corner, just use him as a one-drop, if you lack one elf for Heritage Druid's ability.

Fetch lands

Verdant Catacombs and Windswept Heath are only used to flatten the deck out once playing.
Mind that by playing a fetch land and searching a land, you actually remove two lands from your library (the one that fetches where you pay 1 life and the one you fetched). This leaves us to draw less lands.

A good trick some of you might not know: You can also fetch for a Dryad Arbor since it's a Forest creature.
Playing a fetch land and waiting until he attacks with his Dark Confidant, just fetch before the blockers are declared and use your surprise creature-land-blocker-friend to kill that Bob.

Chord of Calling

About Chord of Calling, I'm currently testing out that card to see how it does in this deck. However, you can tap three creatures (or mana, Convoke) and pay = 0, which let's you fetch a Dryad Arbor when the time is darkest.
Most likely you want to get an Elvish Champion or Elvish Archdruid.

Scryb Ranger

When you are truly desperate and only have one land and one Elvish Mystic (or any one-drop mana dude) but no other mana sources, remember this, son:
By playing Scryb Ranger with those two mana (lets say in turn two), you can then return the used land to your hand (using Scryb Rangers ability) and untap the mana elf. Play the land (because you haven't played a land yet, I assume) and use the mana elf for another two-drop.
With Scryb Ranger out, you can do this trick all the time (once a turn): Tap land for mana, tap an elf for mana, return the land to your hand, untap the elf play the land again, tap the land and the elf again.

+1/+1 and +1/+1 and +6/+6 and trample

We don't have to use Craterhoof Behemoth (he will get killed most of the time anyway).
Hey, there are still some Elvish Archdruids, Elvish Champions or Joraga Warcaller s in this deck, that are quite a threat by themselfs.


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