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Hello everybody.

This deck is built to play at a semicasual level, but this doesn't mena that i don't want to make it as competitive as i can. My obvious limitations are budget and lack of physical cards in my LGS. For those reasons i play a subpar manabase and i built the deck with an "all creatures" approach. More in detail:

-Elvish Harbinger is my Chord of Calling. It's not an instant, and it can't get non-elf creatures but it costs a fraction, adds a body and help me fixing my mana for Shaman of the Pack (one of the most tutored creature).

-Sylvan Messenger replaces Collected Company. I know, it's not an instant and i will never get two bodies for four mana, BUT the Messenger IS a creature and i get to watch four cards and add every elf i reveal to my hand. And i have 40 Elves in my deck. On a sidenote, it works with tribal spells like Elvish Promenade too.

Lead the Stampede is usually what people suggest for a budget version and it even sees fringe play as a 2x in some competitive builds. I like it, but i prefer the Messenger because it's a creature itself.

Joraga Warcaller and Imperious Perfect are there because i could not find more Elvish Archdruids and not even a single Ezuri. I'm waiting for Elves VS Inventors to pick up some copies with the new, sweet art.

The others are more or less placeholders for the creatures i will buy when i will find the money.

My biggest problem is the sideboard, because i can't rely too much on black, green isn't really the best (but not bad either) and my tutors can bring me only Elves. And i'm not considering the risk that is reducing my creature density...


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