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Hello everybody.

This deck is built to play at a semicasual level, but this doesn't mena that i don't want to make it as competitive as i can. My obvious limitations are budget and lack of physical cards in my LGS. For those reasons i play a subpar manabase and i built the deck with an "all creatures" approach. More in detail:

-Sylvan Messenger replaces Collected Company. I know, it's not an instant and i will never get two bodies for four mana, BUT the Messenger IS a creature and i get to watch four cards and add every elf i reveal to my hand. And i have 40 Elves in my deck. On a sidenote, it works with tribal spells like Elvish Promenade too.

-Elvish Harbinger is my Chord of Calling. It's not an instant, and it can't get non-elf creatures but it costs a fraction, adds a body and help me fixing my mana for Shaman of the Pack (one of the most tutored creature). At the moment i am not playing it because the recent print of Elvish Clancaller shifted the deck towards a more beatdown plan and Lead the Stampede suits this playstyle better.


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