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Elves and the Infinite Elephant

Standard Combo Competitive Elves G/U (Simic)



Do you want to win by Fireballing your opponent with an infinite/infinite Walking Ballista through a convoluted 5 (at least) card combo??

Or just beat down with approximately 13 power on board t4?

How about playing with pseudo Glimpse of Nature chains?

This is the weird deck for YOU! It is capable of assembling an infinite mill or infinite damage combo, or just going full elfball roll down. Every game is super live and interesting (except Saheeli combo).

A hybrid of UG Paradox Engine and Standard Mono Green Elves! Thanks for the inspiration guys! Going to be tweaking :)

BASE PIECES: Greenbelt Rampager + energy sink (Minister or Servant) + mana producing creature + Paradox Engine = infinite bounces and uses of energy (NOT infinite energy).

Infinite Mill: Minister of Inquiries = infinite mill (play Greenbelt, it bounces to hand and untaps your permanents, pay for greenbelt with manadork, response use the energy to mill, it untaps your permanents, it bounces to hand and repeat)

Infinite Mana: Servant of the Conduit = infinite mana (play Greenbelt, Paradox Engine trigger, it bounces to hand. Tap mana dork for mana, replay using Servant of the Conduit, Paradox Engine trigger, it bounces to hand, repeat).

This can also be achieved with Minister of Inquiries + 2 mana dorks, but then you are already infinitely milling, so...

infinite mana + Lifecrafter's Bestiary = draw deck

infinite mana + Walking Ballista = infinite p/t and insta-kill

Sideboard can go full combo with Negate and Heroic Intervention protection or full elf-aggro with Heroic Intervention protection.


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