So I built this deck a while back. It's essentially meant to play quick, get big and swarm to victory.


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So I tested it out after updating it against my friends last night. I lost but I did basically get a large board and almost won. However when I played against my own zombie deck, I thought it would lose until I managed to get Elvish Archdruid out and used him to make mana. I then proceeded to make a few more elves before the next turn when i played Shamanic Revelations and then proceeded to almost draw half my deck and then make about 60 or so more green mana with Joraga Treespeaker and other untapped elves and continued to draw. In all honesty, I could've drawn the rest of my deck quite easily but I didnt want to risk it. I attacked with a Heedless One that I had made become a 53/53



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