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Modern Aggro Budget G/U (Simic) Tempo


Greetings, fellow Magic player. Would you like to learn about evolution?

This deck aims to place out small creatures that can get bigger (such as Experiment One , Young Wolf , Strangleroot Geist , Pelt Collector and Cloudfin Raptor ) in the first couple turns, and then Pongify or Rapid Hybridization an undying creature. Generally, this will give you a powerful board-state to win with by turn 4 or 5. Hardened Scales is there to accelerate the many undying and evolving creatures, Evolutionary Leap is great for maintaining board state even when one of your creatures is killed, and Inspiring Call is just an amazing card draw and protection spell in this deck. For a less budget option, try tinkering with the mana base, adding Remand s and Beast Within s, and developing a suitable sideboard. Any help appreciated, especially budget sideboard ideas.



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2x Mana Leak

3x Rune Snag

2x Khalni Garden


1x Hardened Scales

4x Hunger of the Howlpack

2x Forest

I realized, with an aggressive deck like mine, that controlling cards are just counterproductive in achieving my goal. In addition, Hunger of the Howlpack has great synergy with my Undying creatures, Inspiring Call , and Hardened Scales . As for Khalni Garden , I realized that land entering the battlefield tapped in a tempo deck like mine are a burden.


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-4 Ghalta, Primal Hunger main
-1 Island main
+4 Groundbreaker main
+2 Hadana's Climb  Flip main
-1 Forest main