I'm still trying to find an enjoyable mono-white modern deck. Elusive Mono-White (MH version) is close but soul sisters feels a bit slow and overplayed. I incorporated ideas from that metagame along with the similarly overplayed white weenies metagame in Elusive Mono-White (original) but it still needed work. This is my latest attempt. Suggestions welcome!

Basic strategy: life gain until you can get supercharged Serra Ascendant and transformed Lone Rider   out.

Isochron Scepter lets you gain life or exile a creature per turn with one of the included instants. Ranger-Captain of Eos usually searches for Serra Ascendant but in some instances Martyr of Sands . Giver of Runes is our protection and allows us to attack with a 1 toughness lifelink if we need it to tip over the 3/30 threshold.


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