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Elspeth's army



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This deck is a variation of the white weenie deck that might or might not be flying around. I, of course, do not have Brimaz, King of Oreskos so I make due with what I do have. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is used to help keep the board manageable, and can provide a board sweep if needed. Ajani, Caller of the Pride plays well with the Oreskos Sun Guide , and to avoid a sweeper played against me, the Mortal's Resolve can save the necessary creature or two JIC. Mistcutter Hydra is the anti-blue card in here, and a good late-game finisher if need be.

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$67.62 $103.05 $208.41
Date added 1 month
Last updated 1 month
Legal formats Commander / EDH, Extended, Modern, Standard, Vintage
Cards 60
Avg. CMC 2.58

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