My next EDH project. Wanted to do something a little different with Elsha of the Infinite by focusing on some Voltron. The idea is simple enough: Get Elsha on the field ASAP, then buff Elsha up to lay the smackdown on everybody. Sigarda's Aid is a tremendous help to getting our equip/aura cards on Elsha fast, regardless of whether they're in your hand or the top of the deck. Even if we can't get an equip on right away, Elsha still gets value from simply playing an equip spell that turn from Prowess. Not only do we have several ways of providing evasion, but we also have many ways of protecting our commander to prevent an untimely removal spell. We also have some support creatures and 'walkers to help us get more value, and counters to further prevent any unpleasantness. Kismet will also heavily delay your opponents' plays if it lands, making them even more vulnerable to death by commander damage. In a pinch, we have a few board removals in case we're about to be overwhelmed by our opponent's creatures. Overall, it's a simple enough deck to use, but effective nonetheless.


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