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pie chart Elocuter's Win Games In five turns.

Standard* Control W/U (Azorius)



This deck revolves around Azor's Elocutors as my win con.

I was thinking of adding some Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip so that i could transform him into a power card.

Or maybe Archon of the Triumvirate so that if Azors does not win I have some alternate way of doing damage.

Some mana ramp and ways of dealing with aggro is really what i need even if it is side board stuff.


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I added Essence Scatter per a redditor's suggestion to deal with aggro decks.

I also add 2 Cavern of Souls to make sure i could cast my Palisade Giant or Azor's Elocutors with out being countered. That is not an end all be all solution because there are other forms of removal, available but it is a nice on i think.

I am trying to think of other ways to speed up this deck and ensure my win con stays pat.

I also need an alternate win con which i see as this decks greatest weakness.


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