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Elfless green (well, maybe one elf)

Commander / EDH Aggro Mono-Green




+1 if you like

If you want to give a suggestion, I ask two things:

  1. No elves. As much as I like elves, I want this to be devoid of elves.

  2. There is enough lands for the deck. I prefer the ramp which thins the deck. I've had suggestions to cut some ramp to add more lands but as I said above, I prefer the deck-thinning capabilities of ramp spells. In reality, this deck performs very well with 31 lands because you can't really get a perfectly random shuffle. Don't worry, I don't cheat. It's a simple fact that it's impossible to really shuffle randomly like a random generator such as the one used to shuffle the cards on this site's playtester. So, it may not playtest very well on here but it is spectacular in person. It's like the difference between porn and the real thing.



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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