So I initially had Rhys the Redeemed as my commander but have converted to Karametra, God of Harvests . Seems to work a lot better to drag out all the land quicker. All about the quick playing of all the elves and making them big.

There's a fair few mana accelerators in there to speed things up. Can also go really big, really fast with Paradox Engine , Thousand-Year Elixir and Selvala, Explorer Returned and some draw from Soul of the Harvest , Guardian Project and Beast Whisperer . Double some of those up with Panharmonicon and you're laughing. All about those triggers!

Joraga Warcaller gives me a 1 sided multi kicked champion. If I can sink a load of mana into this, then little elves ain't so little anymore.

I have also added in some haste givers as well. Concordant Crossroads and/or Akroma's Memorial give me access to some keys words like haste, trample and flying. Also got Craterhoof Behemoth as well as a hopeful win con too.

Late game, I also have access to Genesis Wave with a ton of mana at the end and (hopefully) haste. Swing super wide and smash face that way.

After some tweeking have also added Temur Sabertooth to allow me to make the most of ETB effects like Rec Sage, and also a way of protecting some of my key engine pieces from targeted and mass destruction.

Let me know what you think, sugesst stuff and +1 if you like it




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