My elemental tribal EDH deck led by Horde of Notions . If you have any suggestions or comment about the deck let me know !


This a midrange deck able to execute different game plans throughout the game:

  • Answer threats with elementals acting as toolbox answers

  • Recur creatures and spells from the graveyard

  • Maximize the value from elementals with tribal synergies

  • Win with explosive finishers


Elementals are part of a versatile tribe which can seem very disjointed at first. The result is that there is an elemental for everything:

If there is nothing threatening on the board, other elementals have proactive effects:

To use this toolbox we can fetch for a specific elemental with these tutors:

Flamekin Harbinger / Eladamri's Call / Demonic Tutor / Jarad's Orders / Bring to Light ...


The reason to play this deck tribal is to use the ability of the Horde of Notions to return our toolbox or finisher elementals from the graveyard. There are a few tricks with this ability:

  • Crib Swap is an all-tribe instant and as such can be cast from the graveyard with the Horde.

  • Maelstrom Wanderer is cast with the Horde and does cascade twice as a result.

While the Horde ability is strong it also is expensive. These cards offer a way to use it for "free":

Bloom Tender / Prismatic Geoscope / Mana Reflection / Mirari's Wake

Next we need targets. To fill our graveyard with elementals we can use Evoke or straight up combat, but we also have some reusable sacrifice outlets to choose what we want recurred:

High Market / Birthing Pod / Perilous Forays


Besides the horde ability to recur elementals, these cards benefit from the tribal theme by themselves:

Primal Beyond / Flamekin Harbinger / Smokebraider / Incandescent Soulstoke / Door of Destinies / Omnath, Locus of Rage

We also want to abuse the Evoke keyword which is exclusive to elementals. Because of the way evoke works we can react while the sacrifice trigger is on the stack and the creature is still on the board. These cards allow us to get value out of the creature before it is sacrificed:

Cauldron of Souls / Perilous Forays


The most basic way for this deck to finish games is with a dominating board position. Cards that help achieve this are:

Avenger of Zendikar / Omnath, Locus of Rage / Forgotten Ancient / Maelstrom Nexus / Baleful Force

Another win condition is Congregation at Dawn. This card looks awful but the idea is to pair it with Maelstrom Wanderer. Since it's an instant we can play it at the end step before our turn and fetch the Wanderer to put on top of our library with a combination of 2 other creatures to cascade into:

The Horde itself can be a finisher too. We can buff it in several ways:

There is no infinite combo in the deck but the last win condition is to combine Perilous Forays with our landfall elementals :

All of these can be done at sorcery speed with a land or at instant speed starting with another creature you control.

Other cards

The rest of the deck is removal from all colors:

Cyclonic Rift / Swords to Plowshares / Anguished Unmaking ...

And ramp:

Krosan Verge / Skyshroud Claim / Chromatic Lantern ...

Mana base

The mana base is fairly simple: shock lands, tri lands and 5 color lands. The main goals of this mana base are to reach as soon as possible:

  • 1 or 2 green to cast our ramp cards

  • 5 colors to play the Horde if needed


Creatures: Multani, Maro-Sorcerer / Magmatic Force

Artifact or Enchantment: Warstorm Surge / Darksteel Ingot

Sorcery or Instant: Urban Evolution / Krosan Grip / Sylvan Reclamation

Land: Cavern of Souls / Miren, the Moaning Well



I have a theme deck myself but I'm not big on them because they are easy to get rid of most of the time, but I like this deck, at the moment I can't think of anything to add or subtract from it to make it possibly better.

March 21, 2017 11:23 a.m.

DarkestLight9 says... #2

For any hard tribal, I personally like to add Coat of Arms. I would also add Omnath, Locus of Mana for storage and combine it with Mycosynth Lattice to ensure you always can use abilities.

March 24, 2017 8:29 a.m.

I have a tribal deck as well, was kind of a hard deck to build but I knew what I wanted to do with it, check it out if you like.

March 24, 2017 9:07 a.m.

Glyphia says... #4

DarkestLight9 I've thought about Omnath, Locus of Mana but he isn't exciting when you generate so much non-green mana. And if you play Mycosynth Lattice in this deck you can start a new game after any Vandalblast. Coat of Arms is usually good in tribal decks but elementals are not like goblins, you won't have a lot of them on the board at the same time.

staroceansurfer I know nothing about slivers but I've thought about making a deck with them ... it's a 5 colors tribal deck so that's cool in my book !

March 24, 2017 10:20 a.m.

NV_1980 says... #5

Hi, I like the theme of this deck, but I think you can make things much easier for yourself and much more dire for your opponents :) Because you can use Horde of Notions to cast your elementals from your graveyard, it would be a great idea to get your elementals (or at least some of them) into your graveyard asap during the game. There are great, black sorceries like Entomb and Buried Alive that allow you to do this. These are basically your extra tutor cards.

With a multi-color deck like this, I'd also recommend adding Mana Confluence, Reflecting Pool and most importantly: Prismatic Omen (which can act like a second Chromatic Lantern.

Otherwise, great work ;)

June 18, 2017 7:22 a.m.

Glyphia says... #6

NV_1980 Hey, good suggestions I've considered these when building. Quick rundown of the cards:

Mana Confluence is good, as is City of Brass but I'm a bit careful with having too many of these effects, we don't have lifegain and our defensive tools are just average.

Prismatic Omen I have tried and it might sound crazy but I would always have preferred it to be ramp like Rampant Growth or similar. Color issues are not as frequent as you'd think with so many multicolored lands.

Reflecting Pool is very nice, that's why it's in the deck !

Entomb / Buried Alive, these look nice but there are a few problems here:

  1. As long as you don't have the Horde on the battlefield AND ready to activate, playing one of these does nothing to improve your situation. And if the Horde is dealt with you won't be playing with your entombed creature for a while.

  2. The deck can be somewhat slow but it will explode in value and threats if underestimated. Putting your fatties in the GY paints a huge target on your back very early.

  3. I don't consider the GY a zone safe enough to store elementals there on purpose, which is why I only have Jarad's Order as GY tutor. A single GY exile effect will leave you down in cards and mana.

  4. Because the ability of the Horde is expensive you are incentivized to pick high cmc cards to "cheat" out, when you might want one of the many low cmc utility creatures. A small side effect: removing Avenger of Zendikar and such from your library makes a blind Maelstrom Wanderer worse with every fatty gone.

That's why I chose hand tutors like Eladamri's Call over these, but I agree that GY tutors can be effective to refuel late game depending on the speed and GY hate of your meta.

June 20, 2017 8:06 a.m.

NV_1980 says... #7

Hi Glyphia,

The cost in life to make Mana Confluence should be handled with care; especially in decks without lifegain. In my experience, lands like these are especially useful to get those early advantages in games; especially when playing with three colors or more.

I think cards like Prismatic Omen should never be used instead of ramp spells/creatures, but as extra support when playing many colors. That's why I compared it to Chromatic Lantern (although that card also acts as a mana rock :))

Sorry about Reflecting Pool; hadn't spotted it.

Concerning your remarks on Entomb and Buried Alive:

  1. Sure, these cards are best used when Horde of Notions is ready. Of course Horde can be destroyed, exiled or stolen before you can use him to full effect, but that doesn't change throughout your game. If we're constantly worried about that, why include him at all? It's a question of timing our actions well (like when your opponents, and especially those using blue, are tapped out).

  2. True, which again is why we should not use these spells unless Horde is ready.

  3. True, cards like Bojuka Bog, Angel of Finality and Leyline of the Void can be a pain.

  4. Yeah, I get what you're saying about the cheaper creatures and I overlooked the wanderer, good point.

Anyway, thanks for responding at length; I like the way you reason. I would ask you to comment on one of my decks if you could spare the time. I always love to receive some feedback.

June 21, 2017 1:15 a.m.

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