Welcome to Electric Cars!. It's time to get hyped for Aether Revolt, and YoungBen13's whipped up a spicy new brew. If you're wondering what to do in this wide open standard, the answer is simple: when in doubt, jund'em out!

This deck was derived from the Gruul Energy Decks that were making a splash in Standard. By running black for Dark Confidant 2.0, Live Fast , and Winding Constrictor, we can get a whole lot of card advantage and a whole lot of energy. And of course, there's the Fatal Pushed uncommon. Anyway, the game plan is to beatdown hard and fast, then stay in the game with card draw, Aethersphere Harvester, and Bristling Hydra. So let's get to it!

We just need to beatdown. Hard. Get in for some Shockingly fast damage, then pump out later threats to keep us in the game.

Naturally, we have to have a Turn 4 win. The sequence is as follow.

Turn 1: Land, Attune with Aether.

Turn 2: Land, Voltaic Brawler.

Turn 3: Land, Lathnu Hellion , smash for 8.

Turn 4: Land, Lathnu Hellion , Shock or Fatal Push to clear blockers.

Fortunately, this isn't an aggro deck where it's "Win by Turn 6 or bust", it's a deck that has a very substantial late game due to our black cards, whih we'll get to shortly. In all, smash fast and smash often.

All of the creatures in the deck have been specifically selected to be fast, efficient, and powerful. They also represent the savage side of Kaladesh, likely because Tezzeret the Schemer used a Planar Bridge to meld the wilds of Jund with the Cowl of Kaladesh. I mean, hey, it could happen!

Bristling Hydra (3): Such a savage. Sitting at the top of our curve, this hydra is ready for battle! He gets extra energy from Winding Constrictor, then gets extra counters from Winding Constrictor! Serpents look out for eachother, you know? The best part about Bristling Hydra is that he can give himself hexproof. This is vital against control decks that I'm sure will become strong. The biggest beater in the deck, he can come down later in the game and start smashing face.

Lathnu Hellion (4): Now THIS guy seems like he came straight outta' Jund. The only hellion in Standard, he had a bit of truble fitting in. Well no longer! In this shell, he really brings the aggro and quick kills. You're unlikely to not have enough energy to keep him alove. Also, his stats are pretty awesome. Played in curve, he (or she, I don't know), can be bonkers.

Voltaic Brawler (3): The first in our two-drop trifecta, this renegade Maulfist is ready for some smashing! I mean, 3/2 for 2 plus two energy is great, but when you can use that energy cheaply to pump him and give trample, we start seeing some serious value. Also worth noting that his activation cost is very cheap, a mere one energy. The fastest of our two-drops.

Winding Constrictor (4): Number 2 in our trifecta, this snake is ready to produce lots of energy and counters! Main reason for playing black, and when comboed with Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, whenever the siphoner attacks you can trigger it's ability the next turn. The constrictor is truly an all-star, and keeps the deck fully powered on energy, allowing for many more activations than we would normally get.

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner (4): The final member of the trifecta, she's by far my favourite. Like I said, she becomes a more conditional but more efficient Dark Confidant when paired with Winding Constrictor, and when she gets outclassed by larger creatures, you can use spare energy to draw cards. It's important that she has menace, allowing her to get in more early whacks. Just a fantastic card, and one if my favourites from Aether Revolt.

Greenbelt Rampager (2): This elephant is one interesting critter. Playing him turn 1 for an energy is fine, and you can play him in Turn 2 with either an Aether Hub or Attune with Aether. 3/4 on turn 2 is no joke, but he mainly shines on Turn 3, where you can play Voltaic Brawler, then Greenbelt Rampager, using the energy from Voltaic Brawler. A really neat card.

Now we have our supporting cast. Primarily for removal, each spell in our arsenal works well with the rest of the deck. From pushing to harnessing, attuning to shocking, our spells are signature Jund witchcraft.

Aethersphere Harvester (4): A sweet ride from Kaladesh, Jund outlaws snagged it from the consulate. It's vital to fighting aggro decks and threatening planeswalkers. Lifelink can be important for mitigating losses when we draw cards, and the energy it provides is helpful to. However, Bristling Hydra, Lathnu Hellion , and Greenbelt Rampager have a tough time fitting in the seat, so the crewing is often left to the humans.

Live Fast (2) Divination with energy attached is fine! A great topdeck, it can help us to stay in the game, and Aethersphere Harvester eliminates the downside. The energy is important too.

Fabrication Module: In this deck, the card reads: whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, but better because it triggers our spells as well. It also allows us to get a counter per with Aethersphere Harvester and Greenbelt Rampager. It also triggers with some spells, attacks, and even lands! Also awesome with Winding Constrictor.

Unlicensed Disintegration (2): This is by far the greatest removal spell in Standard, and is vital to our removal suite, which features all the best removal in Standard. With 7 artifacts in the deck, it's not uncommon to get a bonus 3 to the face.

Harnessed Lightning (2): Best burn spell in town! Can kill almost anything due to the surplus of energy we have. Instant speed removal at a cheap cost, it clears blockers out of the way while energizing our assault. A must-have for any energy deck.

Attune with Aether (2): This card pulls it's weight to make the deck work. Firstly, it allows for a Turn 2 Greenbelt Rampager. Secondly, it lets us keep our one-land hands, meaning we can mulligan less agressively. Finally, two energy on turn 1 is very helpful.

Shock (2): Pretty sure I don't need a reason.

Fleetwheel Cruiser (2): The Jund have acquired some sweet rides! This one comes down and immediately does work. We can crew it with any creature in the deck, which makes it worth playing. Also, it is capable of trampling over almost everything.

Arlinn Kord  Flip: An incredibly versatile planeswalker that let's us enhance our creatures in combat, and she actually has 5 abilities, so get one-upped, Chandra, Torch of Defiance!

I don't really need to go over this, but I'm going to use this section to explain my wedge manabase deck tech. I play 4 Evolving Wilds to improve consistency, and entering tapped is not bad on turn 3 with 11 two drops. Also, it thins our land count, reducing the chances of drawing lands later in the game. Aether Hub is obvious in the deck, and Blooming Marsh, Smoldering Marsh, and Game Trail are our expensive lands that smooth things out. I only have one of each because I'm not spending $50 on a manabase. That should explain some of my decisions regarding the strange lands.
This sideboard is only a rough draft, derived from expectations for Aether Revolt Standard. As a result, some cards might not be the best, and any advice would be appreciated.

Blossoming Defense (2): Kind of average. Primarily used for protection against control decks or decks that are removal heavy. The +2/+2 bonus can also be relevant in combat situations.

Longtusk Cub (2): Great creature that does a great job of dodging burn spells and dominating combat, while gaining energy. Very strong card, and is only on the sideboard because I had trouble finding room in the main.

Incendiary Flow (2): R.I.P Scrapheap Scrounger. Also provides some nice 3 damage to the face, if all else fails.

Release the Gremlins (3): In case you didn't know, artifact decks are a thing.

Fatal Push (1): Great against any aggro strategy, efficiently mowing down creatures.

Transgress the Mind (3): Pretty much shuts down any combo, also strong against decks that are very reliant on a single card.

Subtle Strike : Anither card great against aggro, it can also enlargen one of our creatures in combat.

Walking Ballista: Perfect for mowing down small creatures such as humans, and is super powerful late game.

And that concludes the deck! Thank you for taking the time to look at my deck, and suggestions, advice, and upvotes are appreciated. If you could advise me on improving the description, that would help a ton. Don't forget to Jund 'em!


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So I took this deck to my local game store for AER Game Day. I was pleased with the results, but feel that the deck's sideboard was a little clunky. Here are the games.

Game 1 vs. Mardu Vehicles: The deck was pretty much the same as the one that won the PT, so I stood no chance. Both games went long, but in the end, Heart of Kiran, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, and Depala, Pilot Exemplar did me in. 0-1

Game 2 vs. Bant Panharmonicon: This was a crazy combo deck that used Felidar Guardian and Wispweaver Angel with Panharmonicon to generate infinite mana for Walking Ballista, along with value creatures like Verdurous Gearhulk and Cloudblazer. I won Game 1 on the back of Winding Constrictor, Fabrication Module, and Bristling Hydra. Game 2 went long and he comboed out. Game 3 I won quickly with Lathnu Hellions. 1-1

Game 3 vs. Pummeler: Basically an aggro mirror. Game 1 he smashed me flat on Turn 4 with Electrostatic Pummeler because I had no removal. Game 2, we both s,ashed eachother with Voltaic Brawlers, and I won on Turn 4. Game 3 he used pummeler on T5 with Blossoming Defense and Built to Smash for the win. 1-2

Game 3 vs. Grixis Control: Game 1 I had no answer to Thing in the Ice  Flip, and he countered my key spells. Game 2 and 3 I smashed him flat with Lathnu Hellions. 2-2

In all, I made Top 8, but the cut was to Top 4. Oh well, I placed 5th overall, so that's good. I find that Lathnu Hellion is really awesome, and that my sideboard is really not great. So, I'm changing it up a bit to be better positioned against the local metagame.


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