Eldrazi EDH

Commander / EDH

Omega13 Score: 4



nochance229 says... #1

An omnath deck without Doubling CubeMTG Card: Doubling Cube? Mosswort BridgeMTG Card: Mosswort Bridge? Primeval TitanMTG Card: Primeval Titan? Myojin of Life's WebMTG Card: Myojin of Life's Web is also amazing with your Weird HarvestMTG Card: Weird Harvest. If you also have Sensei's Divining TopMTG Card: Sensei's Divining Top or Oracle of Mul DayaMTG Card: Oracle of Mul Daya to peak at the top of your deck, you can add Bloodline ShamanMTG Card: Bloodline Shaman to cheat stuff into play. Cream of the CropMTG Card: Cream of the Crop with Lurking PredatorsMTG Card: Lurking Predators is also really powerful.

Panoptic MirrorMTG Card: Panoptic Mirror is banned in the format fyi. ChannelMTG Card: Channel is also banned.

April 8, 2012 6:41 p.m.

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