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A fun deck to play with a lot of decision making, unfortunately not a fun deck to play against.

Some interesting interactions are if Tidehollow Sculler (or Fiend Hunter) enters the Battlefield and while it's first trigger is on the stack you can Aether Vial in a Flickerwisp at instant speed targeting the Tidehollow Sculler before the second trigger occurs to permanently exile something. The beauty is Tidehollow Sculler will trigger a second time once it returns from exile.

Aether Vial can pull a lot of sneaky maneuvers as you can trick your opponent into false attacks and blocks such as getting in a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben with first strikes or Flickerwisping there creatures away.

Flickerwisp is essential in the main deck as it deals with ALL permanents including lands. Have a bunch of creatures ready to attack but got Ensnaring Bridge locked? Flickerwisp it away! Getting Chalice of the Voided? Wisp it away! Bogles player using Leyline of Sanctity? Get rid of that crap with Flickerwisp!

Eldrazi Displacer is great and can getting you an extra ETB effect happening or for saving your creatures. If one of your creatures gets targeted with removal you can temporality exile to save it. If you want to get in another Flickerwisp in, and only have one on the battlefield and none in your hand you can exile it to get it's effect in a second time.


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