Putting a deck together to make use of the very odd, yet very cool, Chromium, the Mutable.

Some Considerations and Notable Exclusions
This intended to be somewhat casual; at least, more so than my usual. So I will eschew the use of any infinite combos. So there's some notable possible combos and cards that are missing, perhaps despite my desire to include them.
Confessor + Drogskol Reaver would be amazing in this deck, but is being excluded.
Consequently, Laboratory Maniac isn't as necessary.
I cut Sram, Senior Edificer because his ability didn't apply to enough cards in the deck. I will reconsider if further edits of the deck push him to, say, at least a 20% efficiency.
Similarly, Umbra Mystic, which looked like it had potential, got cut due to only seven auras.
Whitewater Naiads didn't make the cut either, plus I feel Thassa, God of the Sea does the job better. I'll be keeping my eye on the effectiveness of Doomwake Giant.
I'm not sure how I feel about Open the Vaults, since it benefits everyone. I will see what situations look like in games where it might benefit my opponents, or if it doesn't.

I wasn't really sure how deep into Madness I wanted to go. In the end, I opted for From Under the Floorboards because of its potential for a finisher. The rest of the Madness cards are sitting in the Maybe Board for future consideration.


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