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Elder Dragons: Vaevictis' Junderdome

Commander / EDH Aggro BRG (Jund) Combo Dragons Ramp Storm



"The dragon has no pretense of compassion, no false mask of civilization-just hunger, heat and need." -Sarkhan Vol as quoted on Hellkite Overlord

Here we go again folks!

This deck is the second iteration in the Elder Dragons series I'm putting together. While it was technically the first deck that I started, it ended up being the second to be completed when I realized Esper was a lot of fun to play as well.

That being said, this deck is very much the stompy, big and angry counterpart to Chromium's deck. Where Chromium's deck can sit for a few turns and just build its mana and get ignored, this deck is built to come out swinging. Its primary drawback though, is that it can be slow to start going if I'm not hitting my mana right, but when it does, boy does it ever.

This could very easily be a Vaevictis Voltron deck, to such an extent that I did actually play it that way, not by choice, more that getting creatures out was slow and Vaevictis' sac effect can hit in unintended ways. The best way to defend against this is, I found, to have Dragon Fodder cast the turn after you get Vaevictis out the first time, this basically lets you turn token permanents into non-token permanents. Its really satisfying turning a 1/1 Goblin into Dragonlord Atarka, just by attacking.

Knowing that Vaevictis has the potential to eat my other creatures, this deck also features a fair amount of token warfare, such that 7 cards in the deck create tokens under various conditions; from Lathliss' attack trigger to Sarkhan Vol's ultimate.

Best Wincons

  1. Given enough mana to do it, cast Dragonstorm in the pre-combat main phase with two or three copies triggered, for a total of four dragons coming out for "free". Ideally, if not on board already, this does the following: Lathliss, Dragon Queen comes out first, allowing every dragon after her to trigger her ability. Scourge of Valkas comes out next, triggering Lathliss and adding his own Dragon-Tempest-esque effect for the other two. Dragonlord Kolaghan follows, giving haste to all creatures if that's not already on board, Lathliss and Valkas both trigger. Hellkite Charger or Utvara Hellkite are the final dragon possibilities in the four Storm combo. Hellkite Charger may be rolled into a "go infinite" combo with Neheb, the Eternal in the near future. This combo is even deadlier if you already have Dragon Tempest on the board.
  2. Descent of the Dragons is cast, followed by Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund. So not only are all your creatures dragons, but they are belong to me now.
  3. In the event that the above plans don't work, there's always the huge Torment of Hailfire hit. You can only dodge it for so long after all.


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