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An exercise in asymmetrical board control.

Early Game - You are looking for mana consistency and getting to the mid to late game. Mulligan for 3+ lands and some early removal or card selection. You need ways to consistently get lands into play for turns 3-8 if possible. Try to get Thawing Glaciers, Endless Horizons or Land Tax. If you aren't going first, Land Tax is amazing. If you have 4 mana then Endless Horizons is the less threatening play. For horizons, 5 plains is the best number I've gotten at -- you still have lands if it gets destroyed and you thin your deck enough.

Mid Game - Now your goal is to slow things down. You will most likely have 2-3 wraths in hand. You don't have excellent card draw and your method of getting card advantage is to trade your wraths up into more cards. You really want to slow things down but also you need to wait. You have to judge whether or not the board state is scary enough to wipe on each of your turns or if the creatures you have in play are enough to not worry about things. You don't really care about other players dying unless you don't think you can handle the remaining players. Additionally you need to think through where your opponents are in their plans. Are they going to combo off next turn? Can you remove part of the combo? Are they going to kill you with what is on board? Use these to walk your way through whether or not you need to wipe the board. Work through some recursion in the deck to keep getting resources and trade things when it is advantageous. If you get academy rector out, nine times out of ten, you get Heliod with it. He's just resilient and doesn't care about most of your board wipes. He also makes tokens at the end of the turn.

Late Game - Well we made it. The opponents are in top deck mode or have dealt with multiple board wipes and need to rebuild again. We can look at starting to build a board full of tokens. If we go this route we can then use the equipment or the Leonin Sun Standard to turn the mook tokens into hulks. Don't forget about equiping a Inkmoth Nexus and going for a poison kill, with 8.5 out their instant speed removal is almost always useless and you have enough mana at this point to get through multiple pieces of removal. We could also look toward landing and protecting a large creature. Don't forget about land destruction. Ulamog into cataclysm is brutal. Armageddon into Faith's Reward will usually cause people to scoop as well.


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