Background history

This deck is based on Tomer Abramovici's article at MTGGoldfish. I tried to build a "budgetish" list on which I improved it with time.

House Rule in my LGS

So, in my LGS, it was added a House Rule that allows for a Wish Board that consists of exactly 10 cards outside of the game, that can be fetched with cards like wishes, Karn, the Great Creator , etc. In this manner I tend to play with Cunning Wish and have 10 meta specific cards, that I can fetch on specific cases. So what you see as Sideboard in this list has those 10 cards I tend to have there, and what you see as Maybeboard, are the cards I tend to swap around sometimes if the meta shifts depending on the players.

Latest updates

So I started this build with around 20€, and it is now what you can see. Even on its budget state it was quite fun and powerful to play. With time I used different cards through different metas and different bannings, and then got heard of Lab Maniacs channel on discord, and ever since, I got some ideas and suggestions on improvements on the deck over there.

So for those interested in this deck/stragety, I recommend to check their primer.

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Updates Add

Since my playgroup has developed better and higher tier decks, that seek only a couple of cards to either lock down the game or win at the spot, I tried to be more proactive and less defensive, so i took several cards that were in the deck for certain defensive reasons like a hoard of tokens attacking me etc, and put in better cards to seek or re-utilize the extra-turns, and to speed things up, with faster hands and enablers, so now the point of the deck, is to try to get an early presence at the board, and fast enough try to put nature's will/seedborn muse + winter orb, or get on a roll with Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix and some extra turns cheated in sooner than they should, and I have an eye on Baral, Chief of Compliance and Disallow already. Next improvements would be a Force of Will, Temporal Manipulation and Mana Crypt.



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