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Edric, The Greatest Spy in the Multiverse

Commander / EDH Budget Competitive Control G/U (Simic) Tempo



Any and all suggestions are welcome :)

Its cheezy but it wins.

Your best plan is to get ahead early with an unblockable threat or two to draw cards off of starting on turn 3 or 4 (if the coast is clear to cast Edric early anyways). There are some cards that simply close the door on a game you are ahead in like that, for example if you can prowl cast a Notorious Throng. Some if left unchecked spiral out of control like Beastmaster Ascension. Other cards help grind out a slow victory like Isochron Scepter. Otherwise if Edric is not safe to cast yet just wait for enough mana for counter backup. Eventually once you have a reasonable board presence you can string a few extra turns together and steal the game.

Playing 1 on 1 is much easier and more predictable. Multiplayer games are very different, as Edric's ability does weird things to peoples' attacking decisions sometimes. Games are vastly different from each other, dependent on what kinds of decks are in the game and who thinks you are a threat. They tend to have most variation based on whether other players are fighting amongst themselves to some extent. Try not to seem like a threat until you can take control. You have to keep an eye out for when anyone's got their shields down, so you can quickly steal the game with a couple extra turns. Remember, counterspells are your friend.

This is my first Magic Online deck, and I built it for under 12 tix from Cardhoarder (2 tix of which were free from Cardhoarder for making a new account on Magic Online). That budget amount also counts like 100 additional cards that were acquired, tried out, and cut already. I even built another version of the deck thats more casual using many of the cuts. It has actually become my preferred deck to pilot in multiplayer games.

If you stay away from expensive cards, Magic Online can be very cheap. Many competitive cards have budget versions. Also this deck was originally based on a budget Edric article I found: (http://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/budget-commander-edric-spymaster-of-trest)

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