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Edric Makes Your Opponents Wanna Fight Each Other

Commander / EDH Casual Multiplayer Tempo Tokens Voltron Weenie


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This deck has lots of play to it, but the core strategy is fairly straight forward: Attack with creatures and draw cards with Edric. There is a very good chance that you will have a turn 2 unblockable creature so a turn 3 Edric draws a card. That's not always the best strategy for every game, but it is available almost every game. And it's usually good to do. There are late game cards in there like Kessig Cagebreakers, Sun Quan, Lord of Wu and Wildest Dreams to help you cross the finish line.

This deck is comprised of 4 main strategies:

  • Unblockable 1 & 2 Drops for Edric
  • Voltron support to go big
  • Token support to go wide
  • Tempo/Control/Protection spells

It pivots back and forth between those strategies throughout the game. The most important thing is to try and not get blown out by a board wipe. This can be done by focusing on the Voltron strategy and only having a couple creatures in play at a time. Supplemented with control cards to just say no.

Your biggest ally in big games is your commander. Edric negotiates a truce from the command zone lots of times before the first attack. It helps our deck have time to develop while other people are dying instead.

This is my second Magic Online deck, and I built both decks for under 12 tix total from Cardhoarder (2 tix of which were free from Cardhoarder for making a new account on Magic Online). So that budget amount also counts around 100 additional cards that were acquired, tried out, and then made it into the first version of this deck instead.

I first built a different version of this deck that's more competitive using extra turn cards and lots of control spells. It was great for stealing games, but I wanted to feel like I earned it more. A hollow victory is not a sweet victory. This deck has the power to win big multiplayer games and 1v1 duels. It just makes you earn it with quality playing... not just casting a few variations of Time Warp with Counterspell backup.

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