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[EDH - Zedruu] Give it away

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Hello !

I wanted to create a deck who use most of the cards who change the way the game is played. Zedruu is great because I can give these "global" enchantment to someone else because they affect everybody anyway.

There are still few ways to win. It will also depends on what your opponents have and what you will maybe have.

Help is always welcome or just a little advice !

Generate Gifts :

Best way to generate gifts is to make tokens. So cards who give you tokens every turn are a nice inclusion.

Kher Keep : I don't put too much land who generate only colorless because Zedruu can be really color hungry but this land can generate weak token you can easily give.

Assemble the Legion : Don't give the enchantment... But you can generate a lot of tokens and they are useless enough to be given.

Some nice presents :

There are not so many nice presents, because we will never have friends anyway, so the one we have can give themself to your opponent and you will not need Zedruu.

Humble Defector : This one is a really nice gift, even if your opponent give it back to you before your upkeep.

Rainbow Vale : Nobody will scream at you if you give a nice land, if you are friend with your opponent you can even try to ask him to give it back (but no Zedruu activation then).

Some bad :

Most of the gifts the deck give are enchantments who affect everybody, but some cards are nice inclusion because they can be useful for you or they give themselves.

Jinxed Choker : You can take the damage (if you gain lot of life it's ok), or give it before. It will take some turns to start to be really bothering but it's an easy gift.

Delaying Shield : Give it before your upkeep it's nice, and a good poisonned present. But if you have Solemnity in play, then keep it and you are quite safe.

Protect yourself :

Because nobody will like you. You will maybe become the easy target and you need to survive to stay bothering longer (or maybe you will try to win)

Kor Haven : Still dislike colorless mana producer but it can be useful to protect yourself or to protect one ally.

A bit of heresy :

Most of the cards that create some chaos can be given to your opponents because they affect everybody. And most of the time, you will gain no benefices from them.

Curse of Echoes , Eye of the Storm , Hive Mind , Knowledge Pool , Possibility Storm , Psychic Battle : Mess with with the stack, mess up everytime someone try to cast a spell. At least, you can play the deck of the other.

Gate to the AEther , Wild Evocation : Maybe you will loose because of this, but it's a good way to cast your expensive chaotic enchantments.

Mana Cache : Can help you to ramp a little bit. It's not really chaotic but it's a funny weird old card so why not.

Shared Fate : I hope everybody has differents sleeves, it's one of the most funniest card I play. I recommend to play it after few games because your opponents usually want to play their decks and can feel a bit sad otherwise.

Reality Scramble , Scrambleverse , Thieves' Auction , Warp World : You can totally mess up with the board state. If you are a bit lucky, you can gain some advantages.

Oath of Lieges : The card is more in the ramp package. It's not really chaotic. But you can also give it away.

Maybe you can try to win :

Why not trying. At least, people can't say you play only to mess up the party.

Assemble the Legion , The Locust God : The tokens are nice gift but you can also attack with them so... Not the best wincon but at least you can try.

Aetherflux Reservoir : We will gain life with Zedruu anyway. But we also have a lot of way to cast a lot of spell in one turn (like Eye of the Storm ).

Approach of the Second Sun : We draw a lot so easy to cast two times if we are lucky. Even if the card is in Eye of the Storm or Knowledge Pool , the card need to be cast from hand.

Lavinia, Azorius Renegade : Now most of your chaos cards will give you an advantage, you can even try to lock the board with Knowledge Pool .

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria : The +1 is nice, the -3 is better because you can take back your stuffs and the -8 you can maybe win because you can draw a lot. With the chaos and the pillowfort package, you can survive enough to go to -8.

Venser, the Sojourner : A bit the same than Tefere, +2 is useful (but not that much), you can reinit Eye of the Storm or Knowledge Pool (for example). And you can maybe go to the win with ult.

Some special case : Homeward Path : Not really effective in this Zedruu build because I don't give so much creatures and it's for all players. But it can be useful sometimes and it still a land.


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