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EDH Yasova, dominance by tooth and claw

Commander / EDH Casual Multiplayer RUG (Temur)




I was trying to make a sabertooth tribal but there aren't enough cool sabertooths so that plan didn't work out.. I went with the next best thing! Ferocious, Formidable creatures for maximum beastmode (without actually playing that many beasts)!

It's not really about stealing creatures, more about fighting.. so I do have some sacrifice thanks to Birthing Pod but I didn't build with that in mind. I might replace the +x/+x buffs (Brute Force, Giant Growth) I use now for more fight effects (Like Prey Upon), but the playtests so far are very promising. Having Wild Defiance out really helps as well because when you target them with a fight spell/ability they get another bonus added. Ambuscade and Clear Shot are nice but they add too little for too much mana so I took them out again.

Also ended up trading some creatures for more removal like Void Snare and Aether Gale which are meant to remove annoying enchantments or - and this is what held me back most in my playtests - remove indestructible creatures such as gods. Good luck fighting against a Rhonas the Indomitable for example, who has indestructible and frigging deathtouch (and you can fight with him any time you want, no restrictions such as devotion to become a creature like the other gods). Cyclonic Rift is sort of banned in my group so I wanted to put it in for regular non-overload casting but I didn't because I know the temptation will be too much and I'll probably overload it anyway :x. there are more single target removals like that though but so many choices had to be made.. I stuck with Aether Gale for now because it seriously messes with the board at a good cost without being too much.

Will keep trying to make it faster with more draw and ramp, but I don't know what to remove at the moment.


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Took out the fighting effects and the +x/+x buffs.. they look cool on paper but most of the time I'm just sitting with no hand - and drawing a fighting spell isn't gonna change that.

so I changed it up a little, will have to adjust the description later. Put in a Maelstrom Wanderer which is huge CMC-wise but should give a nice effect when played. Will have to be careful I don't put him into the field with Tooth and Nail or Defense of the Heart. Put in a Wheel of Fate for more draw, Rishkar's Expertise same, let's me cast a <5cmc for free too so should be very nice, and a Pull from Tomorrow that I found in my Ahmonket pile. People kept Darksteel Mutation'ing my Thunderfoot Baloth so more bounce should help protect my creatures as well. Drag Under looks nice, but there are a few more cheaper spells that might work better - actually, I think I'll go ahead and add Coastal Breach instead, 4 cmc (3 opp.) bounce all boards does seem very interesting. It's not one-sided like Cyclonic Rift so it shouldn't be a problem in my playgroup.

Put in Edric, Spymaster of Trest and Hunted Troll for more politics... Speed, burn, removal.. they're all very nice to help give us an advantage, but I gotta keep in mind that this is a multiplayer game. For 1vs1, Yeah, I'd throw in all the Brainstorms, Brute Forces, Giant Growths, and Serum Visions I can find. but this isn't 1vs1 so we can take it slightly easier on ourselves.


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