This is the 7th (I think) deck in the EDH Under $1 series, where each card in the deck (including the commander) is under $1. This one is built around Arahbo, Roar of the World.

Start off with some 1-mana cats that quickly become huge with Ahrabo's Eminence ability, then finish off the game by going wide with cards like Pride Sovereign and King of the Pride! I included somewhere around 10 anthem effects (effects that buff all your creatures) to protect and make your board state more dangerous as the game goes on. This deck can be very explosive at the start: Turn 1 land and a 1-mana cat, turn 2 Adorned Pouncer, turn 3 swing for 9 damage and keep going after that! Arahbo, Roar of the World's combat ability can surprise your opponents out of nowhere by smashing face with a huge cat! Normally green and white isn't the best for card draw, but Shamanic Revelation and Return of the Wildspeaker do wonders in this deck!

This deck is not meant to be competitive by any means, just a fast, fun budget deck for new players or players on a budget! Please upvote if you enjoy the deck, and, of course, suggestions are always welcome. (As long as they're under $1!)

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Disclaimer: There are about 5-6 cards that are displayed as over $1, but on TCGPlayer all of them can be purchased for under $1.


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