This is my take on Saskia - a warrior(/berserker) tribal. I've built it with the intention of hitting fast and hard - mostly through haste and the dash mechanic, but also aided by first / double strike, trample, and menace. It's a shame she isn't a warrior, as that would have been perfect considering her artwork, but I considered her a warrior at heart and built accordingly..

From the few experiences I've had with the preconstructed deck and slightly altered versions, I concluded that damage doubling effects are incredibly overpowering if you can get around to using them. They also make you the target at the table, regardless of what is going on on other boards. (...Something about slapping 2 players out of nowhere for +-40 damage with just Saskia the Unyielding, Dictate of the Twin Gods, and Wilderness Elemental.)

So I took these effects out for this version. It doesn't feel necessary, and I am confident that these fine, strong, charming, yet bloodthirsty warriors will chop stuff up nicely on their own. Saskia is just there to direct the violence, not to escalate it.

That said, I pieced together warriors and berserkers capable of enhancing each other as brothers-in-arms. Most cards are compatible with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, and Mentor of the Meek, giving us card draw and allowing our warriors to defy death. Our warband will rush into battle, inspired by the Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale, Gahiji, Honored One and Lovisa Coldeyes, and rallied by Ankle Shanker, Arashin Foremost, Archetype of Aggression, Blood-Chin Rager, and Goblin Heelcutter. And naturally, Iroas, God of Victory is always on our side.

Then there are the enablers like Brighthearth Banneret, Lightning Mauler, and Warbringer, who either reduce casting costs or grant haste, allowing us to deploy more warriors. Or like our Champion of Lambholt who paves the way to our Raiders' Spoils. But to prevent letting this all go to their heads, Herald of Dromoka ensures our warband remains vigilant at all times.

While Ogre Battledriver's Whip of Erebos could motivate our warband into action, it doesn't have to, as honor and battle-prowess are lauded and as such, there is a constant struggle for the Obsidian Battle-Axe - mostly so the wielder gets to show off. And should they have been brave warriors, then Athreos, God of Passage will allow them to enter Valhalla, if not.. they will just have to try harder next time.

Aside from the troops themselves, Saskia has come to embrace some enchantments that seemed beneficial to the warband.

The Gruul War Chant allows for a more threatening approach, whereas Berserkers' Onslaught tends to result in a out-of-control frenzy, and Primal Rage grant a certain ferociousness that ensures things get bloody. Elemental Bond allows for more supplies, and Domri Rade, our fighting coordinator, is always looking for the next pairing in Phyrexian Arena providing a platform where the troops can have fun if they're not out slaughtering and conquering. A relic found as one of our earlier Raiders' Spoils - Mirari's Wake - could also prove useful if we figure out how to use it - which if we use Nature's Lore and Cultivate it properly could lead into Rampant Growth, but for now it's just very shiny.

As for removal of threats we can't bash around, we could unleash the Wrath of God, or combine our efforts and Fell the Mighty. But sometimes even the best warrior will have to retire and trade Swords to Plowshares, or go on a Path to Exile.

Things to consider / What I could use help with.

After having played a few games with this deck I'm a bit conflicted about the result.. on the one hand, it works. the deck pumps out fast creatures and we hit hard. Adding the extra trample worked wonders and is always target for removal, Zurgo Helmsmasher is a monster and has incredible impact, but the other warriors are very capable on their own as well. Saskia the Unyielding absolutely murders people. so regarding all that.. I'm pleased with the deck.

On the other hand, my playgroup has been playing a lot of bounce, steal, and tap target creature effects lately, which is a real letdown. Another issue is the draw, so far, I haven't managed to play any of my draw engines, mostly because I didn't draw them - which is pretty ironic.


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Retired as of 06-02-2017 - drew too much hate.

..Or as I like to put it; 'The people in my group don't like playing with (strong, intimidating) women' ;).


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