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EDH: Balan & the Worldslayer! *RETIRED*

Commander / EDH Artifact Mono-White Multiplayer Stax Voltron



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Our game plan:

Hatebears + Stax effects + Balan + numerous ways to make Balan indestructible + numerous ways to tutor for Worldslayer + activate Balan's 1W to equip Worldslayer = probably the most hilarious and effective way to win with mono-white in EDH!

Hooray mono-white being good at something for once!

Balan's ability allows us to play Stony Silence and Null Rod despite our critical mass of equipment, since he cheats the equipment costs anyway!

Notable exclusions:

Serra Ascendant -- just doesn't do enough.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite -- if an opponent steals this, it blanks pretty much our entire deck.

Conqueror's Flail -- our deck doesn't have enough colors to make this powerful, and it's too easy for opponents to play around it.

Skullclamp -- our main equip target is Balan who will never die as the command zone is a replacement effect so we will rarely draw cards off this.

Scroll Rack / Sensei's Divining Top / Azor's Gateway  Flip -- blanked by our Null Rod and Stony Silence. We still run Treasure Map  Flip, as it's very good low-cost draw power.


Armageddon / Ravages of War / Cataclysm / Catastrophe -- still thinking about these. Worldslayer does the same thing but it outright wins the game if Balan is indestructible. Plus, generally land-D harms mono white more than other decks as we can't rebuild as quickly or easily as other colors can.

Indomitable Archangel -- decent protection for our equipment; a weaker version of Leonin Abunas.

Recruiter of the Guard -- blanked by our Hushwing Gryff; may still be worth a slot as it can fetch about ~9 targets, but super slow.

Torpor Orb -- a cheaper Hushwing Gryff without flash.

Emeria Shepherd / Sun Titan -- blanked by our Rest in Peace, but they're strong midrange cards.

Oblivion Ring -- not instant speed, but strong removal.

Retribution of the Meek / Hallowed Burial / Austere Command / All Is Dust -- meta dependent wipes. Meek is particularly interesting since Balan may live through it if he's unequipped and it's castable under Gaddock Teeg.

Argivian Archaeologist -- slow, strong recursion; blanked by our RIP.

Sword of the Animist -- maybe?

Sculpting Steel -- maybe?

Basalt Monolith -- slow but OK.

Batterskull -- super slow; awkward, expensive card draw synergy with Sram.

Comeuppance -- randomly blows an opponent out, but very expensive to cast.

Metalworker / Blinkmoth Urn -- probably a good fit!

Teferi's Protection is one way to avoid having our Worldslayer destroy all of our permanents. The two other win Slayer win conditions are to deal combat damage with either Shield of Kaldra or Darksteel Plate attached to a creature. I'm considering adding a few other ways to protect this win condition. Cards I've thought of include Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Gift of Immortality and Faith's Reward. Let me know if you know of any others!

Thanks for looking!

If you enjoyed my deck and explanation, please remember to vote +1! Bear with me, I typed this out on my phone! More to come, so check back soon. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

PS: I know I need a Mox Diamond, a Mana Vault and a Misha's Workshop but I still have to feed my family.


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