"A massacre? It is a mercy we grant them. This way they won't freeze to death."*

Adapted my Saskia deck to mono-red with my waifu lovisa as commander, who now has the sexiest reprint ever.

Need some help finding cards with snow in the art, as I want to make this as snowy as possible!

*While I absolutely love Lovisa's new flavor text, Relentless Assault's flavor text; "Mercy? Mercy is for the playground, not the battleground." has me kinda conflicted, so I guess we're going for a merciful massacre?


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I originally built this deck based on my fast-paced Saskia deck, largely influenced by the rules and 'point-system' we used in my playgroup. It usually resulted in getting a few fast hits in, but fizzled out power-wise in mid-late game.

Since the last update not so long ago, I've been looking into making the deck more reliable, adding some new warriors like Ahn-Crop Crasher, Combat Celebrant, Emberhorn Minotaur , Khenra Scrapper , and re-adding multiple combat phases to take full advantage of the exert mechanic (Obviously extra combat steps were already amazing and game-ending, but with exert it's just even more so).

In addition to this, I added a Magus of the Wheel for more draw, but ramp is still a bit lacking.. I'm going to put a Coldsteel Heart in to help with that, which is a Snow permanent and can be cheated into my hand with Scrying Sheets - something I completely missed. Fire Diamond and Ruby Medallion should help as well.

Neheb, the Eternal would probably solve my issue of lacking strong creatures and making more mana available, so I'd really want to try adding him.

And then I've been looking into a Browbeat style with Cyclops Gladiator, Keldon Champion , Kamahl, Pit Fighter , Breaking Point , Barbarian Bully , and Jeska, Warrior Adept which seems very interesting as well! especially with things like Furnace of Rath and Gratuitous Violence. I'm not sure if this is a good direction to go in though.


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