This is my personal take on Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis. When I saw them spoiled I knew that people would want to build them as a generic group-hug deck, but I know that there was so much more you can do with them. This is just one of several deck ideas I have for these guys but it's the most streamlined (and probably most likely to win a game) one I have.

The main idea behind this deck is to win with infinite landfall triggers. But even if our plan gets disrupted, the deck is resilient enough to maintain a presence. The added benefit of having Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis is that people probably won't consider you or your commander as a big threat during the game. When you're too busy dealing with the Zur the Enchanter and Leovold, Emissary of Trest deck while also trying to stop Animar, Soul of Elements from comboing out, you're probably going to give the Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis some breathing room.

A personal restriction of mine is to only build my decks out of cards that have been printed with the modern frame on them (meaning nothing older than original Mirrodin). Obviously you don't also have to follow this, but if you are wondering why I don't include or mention a certain card in here it's probably too old for me.

New Cards for Consideration


What to do with Infinite Landfall

  • Omnath, Locus of Rage gets you infinite 5/5 elementals. If you also have Ashnod's Altar, you just win.

  • Retreat to Emeria gets you infinite 1/1 kor allies and optionally buffs up all your creatures to an infinite size. If you have any fliers already, make them infinitely large and attack for the win. If you also have Ashnod's Altar, you get infinite mana as well.

What to do with Infinite Mana

Card Reasoning

  • Amulet of Vigor - This isn't necessarily ramp, but it can really help smooth out the lifeloss from shocklands like Breeding Pool and get battlelands like Prairie Stream to enter untapped. Additionally, if you play a karoo like Boros Garrison, it enters untapped which accelerates your mana for that turn. ex. Turn 1: Hallowed Fountain into Amulet of Vigor, Turn 2: Izzet Boilerworks = three mana on Turn 2.

  • Ashnod's Altar - Also not really ramp, but it does protect against exile, steal, and tuck effects. If you're close to going off but don't have quite enough mana to do so, this can be invaluable. Combine with Roil Elemental for removal with ramp! Also provides an infinite mana combo with Karmic Guide and Reveillark.

  • Chromatic Lantern - Auto-include in any EDH deck that's 3+ colors. You no longer have color issues, and this even ramps you! How nice to have essentially a colorless Prismatic Omen that ramps you as well.

  • Commander's Sphere - Provides you with any color in your identity, but also replaces itself for free! It doesn't even need to tap itself like Mind Stone. While I was on the fence about adding this card because a 3 CMC mana rock needs to really be worth it, I liked how favorably it interacted with Emeria Shepherd.

  • Khalni Gem - Normally not such a great mana rock, and even still 4 CMC is a hefty price to pay especially since by turn 4 playing mana rocks isn't really what you want to be doing. But because our deck is so focused on landfall, its drawback is actually a boon here. Getting two more landfall triggers can provide a great deal of value, especially if you otherwise would have missed a land drop this turn. Tapping for 2 mana of any color is also great. One final point is that if you have your combo pieces on board but don't have a karoo in hand, you can bounce one back to hand using this mana rock.

  • Birds of Paradise - No explanation needed for a 4-color deck. I'm normally hesitant about putting ramp in the form of creatures in my decks as creatures are the most fragile permanent type, but a 1 CMC flying mana dork that taps for any color is insane.

  • Kiora's Follower - Very versatile. You'll normally be using it to untap your karoos to give yourself an extra two mana instead of one, but even without them he's still mana ramp. Remember that he untaps any permanent, so you can use him on Khalni Gem, Knight of the Reliquary, Mother of Runes, Skyshroud Ranger, or any other creature you control as a surprise blocker. He can also untap stuff your opponents' control, which can definitely be relevant.

  • Lotus Cobra - Ridiculous card! One of the best creature ramp cards ever printed. Fetchlands give you two mana of any color, and each extra land that gets put on your battlefield keeps building up mana. The amount of ramp you get with fetchlands like Misty Rainforest, Oracle of Mul Daya out, Sun Titan grabbing more fetchlands from the grave, and Sakura-Tribe Scout and Patron of the Moon dropping in karoos is insane.

  • Oracle of Mul Daya - Not really ramp, but she serves as mana acceleration. From time to time you'll hit two lands in a row on top of your library and get ramp, acceleration, and card advantage all in one. EDH staple that goes into every green deck I make.

  • Patron of the Moon - Also not really ramp since 7 CMC means he won't ever be coming out early, but he technically does accelerate you. Works super well with the karoos, giving you tons of landfall triggers. Don't forget you can sneak this guy in with Uyo, Silent Prophet.

  • Sakura-Tribe Scout / Skyshroud Ranger / Walking Atlas - All fulfill the same role in this deck. Early on they help accelerate you, which is especially useful with all the karoos in this deck. They are a sort of "card disadvantage" compared to mana dorks or basic searchers, but they provide the crux of our main combo in this deck as well as provide landfall at instant speed (exception of Skyshroud Ranger.

  • Stone-Seeder Hierophant - Seems overcosted for what it does but the "Landfall - Untap this creature" part is exceptional. If you make a land drop and you have a karoo on the field, she effectively taps for 4 mana. If you play a fetchland then she effectively taps for 6. Think of her as a second Lotus Cobra. With more shenaigans that this deck is certainly capable of, she exceeds Lotus Cobra in mana output.

  • Voyaging Satyr - A plain version of Kiora's Follower / Stone-Seeder Hierophant. However, at 2 CMC and only one color, she comes down early and does her job well. Tapping for 2 mana with a karoo in play is why her and her variants are in here.

  • Recross the Paths - A great card for decks with a low basic land count. It is the only ramp card grabs any land from your deck and the land doesn't necessarily come in tapped either. The clash part is great, as sometimes you can chain together several casts.

  • Admonition Angel - This card I've gone back and forth on as she's a fragile o-ring, but in the end I liked her interaction with infinite landfall and I've never been able to find a proper deck for her before.

  • Brutalizer Exarch - Very flexible as it tucks artifacts, enchantments, lands, and planeswalkers, or can be a creature tutor.

  • Roil Elemental - Fragile but it removes threats and gives them to you.

  • Aura of Silence - Makes your opponents work harder but also serves as a great deterrent. Who's going to play a game-winning artifact/enchantment if you have this on the field? Works as a great political bargaining chip: "don't mess with me and I'll let your thing live." Sometimes showing off your Disenchant means you benefit without having to use it. If someone plays Aura Shards and you Disenchant it, then you and that opponent are both down one card and some mana, while the other players maintained their resources. However, having Aura of Silence down means that your opponents would not play super threatening permanents down, which is equivalent to you having destroyed it but without the card and tempo disadvantage. Also this card has a cute interaction with Emeria Shepherd and works great with Sun Titan.

  • Song of the Dryads - One of the most flexible removal spells and in my opinion is a harder form of removal than any. Destroy/exile/tuck effects will let them play their commander again, but if you put this on their commander then the only thing that will let them get is by destroying their own land (a lot harder than destroying other permanents). Once their Zur the Enchanter is a forest, boardwipes/kill spells/most bounce will not let them get their commander back.

  • Aurelia's Fury - Works well in this deck as you'll have access to lots of mana. Kill problem utility creatures, tap down attackers, and stop combo players from going off. It can also serve as a protection against counterspells on your own turn. Also serves as a wincon for this deck.

  • Bant Charm - Super flexible. Tucking a creature is almost as good as exile, and there are always artifacts that need to be destroyed. Countering an instant means this works as a great counterspell to counterspells, and stops people from messing with you on your own turn.

  • Beast Within - Hits anything and the "downside" is negligible in EDH. It's an instant-speed Vindicate for green decks and I never make a green EDH deck without it.

  • Cryptic Command - Only bounces a target to your opponent's hand, but it also replaces itself. Has two other modes.

  • Unexpectedly Absent - Way underplayed card. Simply pay X = 0 and you remove a threat for a turn. Cast it in response to an opponent's search effect (ex. fetchlands, ramp, tutors) and you basically remove a target for two mana without worrying about graveyard recursion. Worst case scenario, you can dump mana for to bury a threat deep in your opponent's library while discouraging them to use anything that shuffles. You will know what they're going to topdeck in that future turn which gives you time to find removal or combo out.

  • Austere Command - Incredibly flexible wipe. Being able to pick allows you to best prepare yourself for it, and it also hits artifacts and enchantments if need be. Most of your combo creatures are 3 CMC or less.

  • Curse of the Swine - Efficient and provides card advantage. Exile is always great and the downside is negligible.

  • Primal Command - Incredibly flexible, hits anything non-creature, hinders graveyard decks, and works as a tutor. Pro-tip, since the effects are done in print order you can: put an opponent's threat on their library and make them shuffle their graveyard into their library which serves as a makeshift Chaos Warp / Oblation combined with graveyard hate, or shuffle your graveyard into your library and dig out a creature which serves as a makeshift Gravedigger. Very flexible card.

  • Uyo, Silent Prophet - Works amazingly with landfall and actively discourages your opponents from messing with you. Like Aura of Silence, showing off your responses means not being targeted while not having to spend resources. Also lets you drop an instant-speed Patron of the Moon if you need to. Don't forget that she has flying.

  • Arcane Denial - Efficient, replaces itself, and doesn't leave your opponent too upset at you. Also the art is absolutely repulsive, thank you Mark Zug.

  • Bant Charm - Was already explained, but definitely worth a slot due to how it will almost always be relevant.

  • Cryptic Command - A hard counter that replaces itself, or also bounces the most threatening thing on board to buy yourself time. The mode that taps is usually irrelevant but there might come a time where you have a huge Knight of the Reliquary or Tireless Tracker that can actually end the game.

  • Dream Fracture - Like Arcane Denial but doesn't draw your opponent as much. Solid card since it replaces itself.

  • Insidious Will - Incredibly flexible and while none of the effects are worth four mana, just having options is worth it in a format where every card matters. Why counter a Rise of the Dark Realms when you can copy it? Why copy/counter a Vindicate when you can redirect it for a 2-for-1? Why copy a Wrath of God when you can counter it? One of my favorite cards.

  • Mindswipe - Not a great counterspell, but since this deck has access to loads of mana it's not too bad here. The reason why this mediocre counterspell is in here is because it serves as a counter while also being a wincon.

  • Reiterate - Amazing. Buyback means no card disadvantage and getting this copy effect again. I find it hard not to make room for it in any red deck.

  • Lightning Greaves - A great EDH staple. Allows you to activate your Walking Atlas, Stone-Seeder Hierophant, and Knight of the Reliquary the turn they're put in.

  • Grand Abolisher - Prevents your opponents from intervening on your turn. Stops counters and removal when you're combo goes off.

  • Mistmeadow Witch - Protects from spot removal and boardwipes, which is rare for flicker cards. It also can protect itself by targeting itself, something other flickerers can't do. Allows you to reuse ETB effects and works double-time with Cloudstone Curio.

  • Mother of Runes - Another EDH staple. The only way to stop it without having to take a card disadvantage is to play a boardwipe. Makes it even harder to stop Nissa, Vital Force from going off.

  • Vexing Shusher - Great in any R/G deck. It can't be countered and deters your opponents from countering your other stuff. Also works on any spell so sometimes you'll want to use this on others if it benefits you or if you want to make a political move.

  • Asceticism - A green staple for me. Regeneration can be very helpful in chumping and against some boardwipes.

  • Privileged Position - A big reason why I play G/W color identity. "Everything else has hexproof" is hard to beat.

  • Commander's Sphere - Can draw you a card for no cost, no tapping, and at instant speed. There's a few cards that tutor to the top of your library so having this ability on-demand is invaluable. Also works really well with Emeria Shepherd.

  • Memory Jar - This is phenomenal. Think of it as "everyone exile your hand and draw 7, you play whatever while your opponents can only play things that are instants/have flash, then at end of turn discard your hand and return the exiled cards back to hand." This card is five mana to draw seven cards for you and the most that your opponents can do is to counter your spells if they drew into them. But barring some Scroll Rack counterplays, your opponents won't know what they're drawing into, and can't plan things out. Additionally, the hand they had was probably sculpted over time with responses and counters, and by making them exile it away you heavily disrupt the control players. Not to mention how great this is with Emeria Shepherd.

  • Mind's Eye - This is a card I would call a staple in any Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis deck. Suddenly the symmetry is not so even, and at the end of your turn you're drawing four cards instead of just one in a pod of four. Not to mention the draw steps on your opponents' turn.

  • Seer's Sundial - This card is great in this deck. With all the karoos you have in here, along with additional land drops and creatures that put lands onto the battlefield, you should be drowning in card advantage.

  • Consecrated Sphinx - This card is very fair in a higher-level playgroup as creatures are delicate and it does nothing upon ETB. But in a more casual group this card is just disgusting. More than a staple for Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis, but your playgroup might gang up on you.

  • Courser of Kruphix - Conditional card draw. By being able to play lands from the top of your library, everytime you do you are essentially "drawing" one card as your hand size didn't change. There's no better feeling in the world than playing this with no lands in hand and revealing a land on the top of your library. Also any shuffle effect gives you two "chances" at revealing a land on top. If you don't find one, then just crack a fetch and try again. Four toughness is also nothing to scoff at when it chumps fairly well and dodges bolt effects like Keranos, God of Storms. While I do believe this card is great and I put it in every green EDH deck, I do think I tend to overvalue it a bit. However in this case it does have "Landfall - Gain 1 life" which is actually very relevant in this deck. When you tack on a bunch of incidental, small things that are normally inconsequential into one card, you end up with a good card.

  • Oracle of Mul Daya - A souped up Course of Kruphix. Now this card really is an EDH staple and having two land drops really puts you ahead. Two toughness is low though, so this card is very fragile.

  • Tireless Tracker - Just like Seer's Sundial but allows you to "save" the draw for later. Not only that, but it grows a surprising amount and serves as a very solid blocker. For how low its CMC is, this card is excellent for any green EDH deck, especially those missing black and/or blue in their color identity.

  • Nissa, Vital Force - A card that's played for its ultimate. And unlike most planeswalkers, the ultimate is actually realistically attainable. All that needs to happen is for her to survive one round, which is admittedly harder than it sounds. At the same time, she protects herself with a fairly respectable 5/5 (that can also serve as extra mana if you need) and your commander works great at protecting her. Once you get that emblem, it should practically be your game. "Landfall - You may draw a card" is ridiculously disgusting, especially on an emblem that can't ever be removed. I don't normally like putting planeswalkers in EDH decks as they attract a lot of hate and facing multiple opponents means they have a much harder time of surviving, but in this case she's well worth the effort.

  • Emeria Shepherd - Pulls a surprising amount of weight in this deck. I was initially skeptical of her and am still wary of the 7 CMC, but when she does get going you end up with a great deal of card advantage. She works best with cards that can sacrifice themselves and, as explained elsewhere, synergizes especially with Commander's Sphere, Memory Jar, and Karmic Guide. Even when you don't hit plains, just having a worse Nature's Spiral on landfall is still solid.

  • Eternal Witness - A green EDH staple. Both Recruiter of the Guard and Reveillark can hit it which is nice.

  • Karmic Guide - Handy as it can be grabbed by both Recruiter of the Guard and Reveillark. It also plays nicely with Emeria Shepherd if you decide not to pay the echo cost. While the other recursion cards here are very useful, this is the only non-conditional reanimation in the deck.

  • Reveillark - Grabs two creatures out of the grave which is nice as our combo pieces are all low power. Grabs 19 of the other 29 creatures in our deck.

  • Skullwinder - Almost as good as Eternal Witness but it is easier to cast and blocks well. Reveillark does get it but not Recruiter of the Guard.

  • Sun Titan - Another EDH staple card. Returning things to battlefield is great, vigilance means you can attack for its trigger without giving up on defense, and its stats means it's fairly hard to kill in combat. Conveniently lands have a CMC of 0 and that's what you'll usually be recurring with this guy. Getting back a fetchland means twice the landfall triggers, as well as ramping every turn.

  • Primal Command - Not really recursion, but if you've got tutors in hand and need something from your graveyard then it does exactly what you need.

  • Brutalizer Exarch - Was explained, but its ability to tutor to the top of your library should not be overlooked when you have access to great card draw in these colors.

  • Knight of the Reliquary - Digs up your karoos when you have everything else in place. Both manafixes and ramps in a pinch. Also becomes a big blocker.

  • Recruiter of the Guard - Great since so many things in this deck have low toughness. I won't go through all of them but it hits 18 of the other 29 creatures in the deck, including most of the combo creatures.

  • Enlightened Tutor - Only one mana, instant speed, and gets artifacts and enchantments. It is card disadvantage, but you can do this right before your turn begins to draw the combo piece you need.

  • Primal Command - Was explained, but the ability to tutor any creature to hand + an auxiliary effect for five mana is fantastic.

  • Wargate - This card is insane. Grab any permanent out of your deck. Creatures, artifacts, enchantments, planeswalkers, and even lands for X=0. Your opponents won't know what you're getting before this resolves, so unlike targeted abilities they'd have to counter it without knowing. Unlike other tutors, this puts the card directly to play so whereas if I Demonic Tutor for a card, they could counter the card I grabbed, but here they would have to counter it without knowing what I'd grab.

  • Cloudstone Curio - Allows you to reuse ETB effects, bounce a land back to your hand for more landfall triggers, and protect your creatures by bouncing them back to hand in response to removal. For example: if I have a fetchland in hand and either Omnath, Locus of Rage or Retreat to Emeria out, then if an opponent tries to use spot removal or a boardwipe you can crack a fetch in response to create a token and bounce your important creatures back to hand. This also works with Knight of the Reliquary, Sakura-Tribe Scout, and Walking Atlas.

  • Omnath, Locus of Rage - Punishes boardwipes, and if you have infinite tokens out then a wipe that would normally counter you actually causes you to win.

  • Retreat to Emeria - Hard to remove as an enchantment, it makes tokens, but it also gives the option to buff up your board to make combat a nightmare for your opponents.


Ramp is tricky as most of it fetches basics. In a 4-color deck, you're really going to have to make sure you can grab something that can tap for two different types of mana which narrows the amount of good ramp. These ones can be worth running in this deck:

I normally don't like mana dorks as much as creatures are very fragile, but certain ones overperform and are worth the risk. I love mana rocks, but in a 4-color deck you really need to make sure they tap for any color. Here are my favorite alternatives:

  • Selvala, Explorer Returned / Spectral Searchlight - Normally wouldn't be recommending them in most decks, but if you really want to turn up the "hug" theme while still primarily benefiting then these are great.

  • Noble Hierarch / Rattleclaw Mystic - I actually like these a surprising amount, as they can really fix your mana early in the game. Birds of Paradise is still better than these two, but these are still very good mana dorks.

  • Bloom Tender - This card is crazy good in any 3+ color deck. I really, really want to make room for this, and I probably should. Tapping for 4 mana with your commander out is bonkers.

  • Coldsteel Heart / Fellwar Stone - Solid cards that allow you to get your commander out on turn 3.

  • Coalition Relic / Gilded Lotus / Thran Dynamo / Worn Powerstone - All really great cards that come in a bit later than I'd like them to. Regardless, they pay off big and are great mana rocks.

  • Mana Crypt / Mana Vault / Sol Ring - I actually believe these cards are a trap in any 4 or 5-color deck. I don't even include them in some of my 3-color decks simply because access to colored mana is more important than the boost these provide you with. If you really want them, they're still good. But you'll run into those games where you wish you just had a Birds of Paradise instead for the mana-fixing.

  • Joiner Adept / Prismatic Omen - Not really ramp, more like Chromatic Lantern but without the extra mana. However if you can't get all of the expensive lands and have to use more basics, then these can really help smooth out your plays.

This deck has a lot of spot removal. If you want to swap stuff out, I'd recommend:

This deck is very light on boardwipes, and if you want more I'd recommend:

This deck runs 4 hard counters, 2 conditional counters, and 2 copy effects. If you wanted more, I would recommend:

I don't have much hate cards in here, as they tend to be a more meta-specific. This isn't totally comprehensive, but should cover a wide swath of popular commander strategies. If your meta has certain decks that dominate, definitely consider adding these in:

This deck has a good amount of protection, but if you're facing a tough control player then you might want:

  • Alhammarret's Archive / Thought Reflection - These both work really well with your commander as they skew the symmetry in your favor. High costs, but can really pull you ahead.

  • Horn of Greed / Rites of Flourishing - Though they are symmetrical effects, you should benefit from them much more than your opponents can. And because they do help your enemies out, they're much more likely to survive than something like Consecrated Sphinx. If you're going to include Horn of Greed, try to play more cards that let you land-drop more manually: Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Exploration, Ghirapur Orrery, Mina and Denn, Wildborn, Rites of Flourishing. This is because cards like Walking Atlas don't technically "play" lands.

  • Abundance / Sylvan Library - I mention these together because they're really great on their own, but also disgusting combined. Abundance lets you always hit a land if you need to, which works really well with the effect of Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis. Sylvan Library at its worst lets you cherry-pick the best card of the top three every turn and benefits greatly from all the shuffle effects that your fetches provide. At worst, you'll pay 4 life for an extra draw which can win you the game. If you have them both out though, you can "draw" three cards and not have to put any cards back, as you technically didn't "draw" any cards but put cards from the top of your library into your hand. This is due to the way Abundance is worded, and as a side note this wording also allows you to laugh at Nekusar, the Mindrazer.

  • Rhystic Study - Solid choice if it comes down early, though late game it might not do much. Better in casual playgroups as competitive ones will always pay the tax and find a way to get rid of it.

  • Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur / Recurring Insight - An attempt at breaking the symmetry that your commander gives. Who cares if your opponents draw a card if their hand size is 0? Similarly the bigger your opponent's hand is, the better Recurring Insight becomes.

  • Nin, the Pain Artist - Absolutely gross with your commander's 8 toughness. Hit him for 7 and draw 7. If your opponents attempt to remove one of your creatures, do it first and draw some cards in the process.

  • Intellectual Offering - Very nice in a multiplayer game if you're feeling nice. Just target the person who's the lowest threat and you made yourself a friend. Target someone who's about to die to give them back their blockers. Instant speed draw 3 and untapping your nonlands is a solid card.

  • Magus of the Jar - A creature version of Memory Jar and almost as good. Unfortunately you have to wait a turn to crack it, but drawing 7 cards is always ridiculous.

  • Mulldrifter - Solid, flexible, unremarkable. However, its stats lets it be abused with Karmic Guide and Reveillark if you're into that.

This deck runs a fair bit of recursion, but I opted for the simpler effects. If you're feeling splashier, try:

This deck has only has 2 of these as I had to cut out a lot of cards, but if you wanted more I would recommend:


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