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[EDH] Degenerate Changeling Tribal

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One of the most funny EDH deck I've ever build. The plot is simple : use tribal cards to maximize all your changelings!

You can choose between 3 commanders in the deck (and each game will be different) : - The Reaper King, more control-based, to destroy a permanent at almost every creature cast - The first Sliver, more aggro-focused, to overrun an army of shapeshifter right in the face - Morophon, to ramp faster (you can cast Reaper King, The first Sliver and others for free ; or almost free) and get a powerful 6/6 with lots of effects.

While playing the Reaper King, there's a combo (because what is a good EDH game without a combo?) : - Get the Reaper King on board - Get the 3 changelings with "Champion a creature" (you can easily tutor them, as they are every creature-type) - Champion them on each other, infinite ETB, infinite destruction, gg.

While playing the First Sliver, you can get a free spell almost every time : Hypergenesis (which you can switch with Ancestral Recall or Lotus Bloom if you're not Chaotic good).

It is probably the funniest deck I've ever played, hope it will give you fun too. I take every suggestion!

Have fun playing EDH!


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