So, I've kinda figured something out about myself. I like decks that break the format of EDH. Now, I don't mean decks that are so overpowered that they change the way people play, or people feel cheated, etc. I'm talking about cards and combos that would normally not be considered in EDH. For instance. I run a Shadowborn Apostle deck. This breaks the singleton nature of the game. I also have the number one Phage the Untouchable deck on TappedOut. By the very nature of that card, it should be bad in EDH because you can't cast it from your command zone without exceptions.

But this...

This is probably my greatest rendition yet of breaking the format. I am so proud to present to you...

Battle of Wits!!!

Now before I go on about how awesome this is... I got something else to say really quickly. This is NOT a competitive deck. I've been playtesting this on Cockatrice, and I've been getting stuff like "You're not gonna win consistently with that!" That isn't the intention of this deck (although it's surprisingly consistent for what it wants to do). My intention is to sometimes (even if rarely) win in a fashion that almost no one sees coming. However, I don't want to ruin the reputation of the Cockatrice community. I have also gotten a lot of "good luck with that, I hope you get it to work." "and that's neat, let me know when you finally pull it off" and just general niceness from other players. And the four times (probably out of somewhere between 25-30 games) that I've won, I've gotten nothing but "well that's just impressive" statements and things of the like. Now that I'm done with that schpeal, onto the deck!

The one card that is going to make this strategy possible is the Research side of Research/Development. This allows me to take cards from outside the game and shuffle those cards into my library. Thus adding to the number of overall cards in the deck. Now considering the only real way to win with this strategy is to cast Research/Development a very large number of times, we'll need ways to recur this spell, copy this spell, and the like an infinite number of times. Normally people don't like infinite combos. But they never see this one coming and they appreciate the way you won so much, they don't really care. There is no salt spilled on the table.

Here's a sidenote though. What you can grab with Research/Development is determined by your playgroup (when in EDH). Some say you can grab anything. Some say only from your sideboard. My playgroup decided on you can grab anything as long as it's within your commander's color identity. And you still can't break the singleton nature of the format. From playing this so far this method seems like a fair way to play. Not overpowered, but still pretty dang powerful.

Well, I originally was gonna go 5 colors. Use tutors and all that kind of stuff to get to my combo, but then I decided that the mana base for that was going to be too extensive for it to run at any kind of smooth pace. However, I needed Temur colors to be able to play Research/Development because the Development side of it IS taken into account when determining color identity. You can't just pretend it's not there. And while Riku of Two Reflections may not be used very much himself, he does fit the overall theme of the deck of copying spells. So flavor for the win.
The gameplan is pretty simple. First, we get out Battle of Wits. Then we'll get some raised eyebrows. Maybe even a chuckle or two. This won't usually need protection. (Until the second game.) But when it does need protection you're going to find it in the way of counterspells. I've tried to keep them at a lower casting cost. So that's fun.

If we get lucky we'll have Battle of Wits in our opening hand, or near the top of the deck. If we're not lucky no worries. Sit back, set up a board. Then we'll need to crank up an infinite draw engine to find it. I'll show you what those are later.

Our next step will be to set up one of our infinite mana combos. I will list these later.
The next step will be to set up one of our infinite spell copying combos. I will also consolidate these in a later part of the description.
This is the last phase to our gameplan. This is the bread and butter right here. We cast Research/Development then we copy it any number of times until our library has well over 200 cards. Then on our next upkeep? BOOM we win the game! The best time to do this is at the endstep of the player that goes before you. That way you don't have to wait for the entire table to go around one more time and possibly have Battle of Wits removed.
Outside of our infinite combo cards and our win-con. I would classify the rest (excluding mana) as support or removal.
I classify support as anything that helps the deck run more smoothly and/or conisistently.

First we have the tutors.

Then we have our shapeshifters. These can replace combo pieces or they can copy something useful of the opponents.

Then we have miscellaneous support.

There are two types of removal in this deck: Classic spot-removal and counterspells. The best part is that all are targetable by Elite Arcanist and some of them are targetable by Isochron Scepter.


Then Counterspells

  • The "wish" cycle. (Cunning Wish, etc.) The ones that are in my colors only grab very specific things, and only one of them. So that's why none of those.

  • Spawnsire of Ulamog- It's a little too specific for me. Just Eldrazis. Then you have to find a way to get them back into your library? It's just too much of a hassle.

  • Thakns to anyone who read this far. You're the bomb. If you like the deck or the deck's win-con idea give it a +1! Any comments, concerns, suggestions are more than welcome.


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