EDH 2019 Reaper King v8.1

Alter Art

Multiplayer Version.

ETB Reanimator with value engine finishers, weaponizing RK with a small side package. All feedback is welcome.

Version 6.X available here

Version 5.X available here.

Version 4.X available here.

Version 3.X available here.

Version 1.X available here.

7.5 cl;

Brainstorm > Faithless Looting

Worldly Tutor > Finale of Devastation

Plateau > Boros Garrison

Underground Sea > Watery Grave

8.1 cl;

Yavimaya Dryad, Eladamri's Call, skyshroud claim, buried alive, fleshbag marauder, thragtusk, ratchet bomb, loaming shaman, avenger of zendikar, fact or fiction > wild growth, birds of paradise, avacyn's pilgrim, ashiok dream render, universal automaton, yidris, changeling outcast, mothdust changeling, jawbone skulkin, mystic remora

Ancient excavation, noxious gearhulk, eternal witness > dragon breath, bane of bala ged, living end

Tezzeret > Artisan of Kozilek

Coiling Oracle > Sylvan Reclamation

Wrath of God > Supreme Verdict > Realm-Cloaked Giant > [Cleansing Nova]

Jawbone Skulkin > Pyroblast

Living End > Red Elemental Blast

Yidris > Rakdos Charm


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