Welcome to my Edgar Markov deck. This in an updated version on my Olivia Voldaren deck. So if you don't want to run 3 colors I would check out that deck. The idea behind my Edgar deck is so that I can be as aggressive as I can. A majority of my cretures are 3 CMC or less, so I'll almost always have a creature to play every turn. I'll always play edgar when I have 6 mana because he really starts going off and making all your creatures really huge really fast.

Deck tech


Vampiric Tutor , Demonic Tutor & Forerunner of the Legion Help me get cards I may need for any situation.

Card Interactions:

Thanks to Edgar Markov 's eminence cards like Shadow Alley Denizen can shine. Every vampire no matter the color will always enter with a black 1/1 vampire token so if shes on the field you're guaranteed too have one creature get intimidate every time you play a vampire.

Sanctum Seeker is a shining star in this deck. you'll almost always have vampires on the field to attack with. Obviously the more the better. but he's super strong.

Blind Obedience & Tithe Drinker use extort which a really powerful mechanic. Its even stronger in multiplayer games. The idea is to be flavorful with the vampires and drain as much life as I can with this deck. Blind Obedience also helps slow other decks down so that's another perk.

Cathars' Crusade is really powerful when paired with Edgar Markov . Even without him it's a strong card. but with him it's even better. Because of his eminence, every vampire you play has 2 vampires enter your battlefield for each one vampire played. So you will be generating a lot of +1/+1 counters.

Skullclamp pairs well with the tokens you generate from Edgar Markov . Because it helps you draw 2 cards very easily.

I use Door of Destinies and Shared Animosity for creature pumping ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers = insane amounts of black mana to spend. Spending it on cards like Exsanguinate makes for good win conditions. Exsanguinate being even better in multiplayer matches of course

Infinite Combos:

Exquisite Blood + either Sanguine Bond or Cliffhaven Vampire = infinite life gain for yourself and life loss for opponents.

Feel free to leave any suggestions, I'm always open to trying new cards.


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