The night of the Vampires, a vampire tribal deck with a decent removal package, 7 mana rocks, lifegain, card draw, boardwipes and a ton of vampires.

Basically the stack wins through a grow, you make vampires, you pump them up, you find ways to knock players out of the game, you use cards to be able to make it so they can't block, or to make it so all of your creatures are copied or x/x, as well as utilities to steal your opponent's stuff, make your creatures indestructible, as well as lasting a very long time in the game. At my local game store I've managed to last 2 hours with this deck...


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Easily won my first game tonight.

Managed to get to 89 life, knocked out a player and was gonna do it to another, they conceeded.

Managed to last 2 hrs in a long game with. Bardwipes againt estrid, saheeli and child of alara.

Prolly should have played more aggressively but it was clutch. Almost lost twice and kanaged to come back.

Im really satisfied. Just need Herald's Horn!


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