This is my first ever deck build so be kind. I have based Izzet deck on Niv-Mizzet Parun with the Planeswalkers aiming to get him out as soon as possible. Instant and sorcery cards weighted towards card draws and cheap direct damage to hopefully keep the opponent busy while I wait for Niv-Mizzet. I do want to get some more Opt in the deck as I know this is an important card but am open to suggestions for the rest of the deck, am I making a good start or am I way of target?


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OK I have played a few games online with this deck and I feel like I am getting swamped early on as I cant get enough mana out in time to use my instants and sorcery spells to stop my opponent from building an army and killing me before I have even had a chance of laying a glove on him.

I think the Izzet Guildgate is slowing me down as it enters the battlefield tapped so should I pull them out and just replace with standard lands?

I did also add some cards that amass like Honor the God-Pharaoh and Invade the City that hopefully will stem the flow of damage I am taking and get me to the point where I can get Niv-Mizzet, Parun out

Please feel free to give me some feedback on this as it is confusing my noob mind as to how to deal with this.


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