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Earth is becoming a Landfill

Legacy Creatureless Cruel Control Landstill


It's time we reveal how our Beloved World is becoming a Landfill and how this is TRULY impacting our world . . .

These are powerful images of what our world can turn into. Thankfully, their are Leaders and people who can make a difference putting forth action to solve this issue. Regardless, it is still an issue.

This deck, however, utilizes the toxins and harmful bacteria within these landfills to help bury your opponent in filth until they die a disgusting death. I know, heartless right?

Anyways, here's how the deck works.

Deck's Core:

You want to begin enchanting the opponent's lands with the following cards:

  • 4x Contaminated Ground - The fact it turns the land INTO a swamp is a cherry on top against nonblack / multicolor decks.

  • 4x Pooling Venom - Haven't used its second ability yet, but nice to have in response to them trying to destroy the enchantment.

  • 4x Psychic Venom - No additional abilities, but equally crucial to the deck as the other two are.

Deck's Support:

You then want to begin to force them to pay more mana for everything they do:

  • 2x Pendrell Mists - So powerful against creature decks, but more than 2 is not needed nor wise.

  • 2 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale - 700 times better then the Pendrell Mists, 700 times more expensive. Haha.

  • 4x Propaganda - One of my favorites. Stackable benefits and very cost effective for the deck.

  • 2x Nether Void - Oh. My. Goodness. How ridiculous is this thing? I will GLADLY pay 3 mana knowing my opponent can no longer Force of Will and Daze me without THREE open lands (one of which will most likely have a bountiful of auras on it ;)

  • 2x War Tax - The perfect mana sink to the deck. Helps justify not needing to run white for the ghostly prison. Its nice to shoot 4 mana into it feeling safe they have to dump their mana pool into one creature.

Deck's Control:

With their limited options, you want to ensure your opponent CONTINUES to tap the enchanted land(s) you invested you Landfill company in, like so:

  • 4x Rishadan Port - Necessity, even 4 of. Consistency is crucial, even if I am not tapping an enchanted land, I limit the mana available for them to pay for my other enchantments every turn.

  • 4x Mana Short - Only ever cast after their untap step, before draw step. Grants you an entire turn and usually pings them a lot.

  • 2x Mana Web - One of my favorites. Either they go big and bite the bullet, or prolong their death.

  • 2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - This helps mana fix my Colorless and G/U lands while permanently locking down the board with (1) Propaganda, (2) The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale or Pendrell Mists, and (3) Propaganda or War Tax.

Deck's Utility:

Those were the core components to the deck's focus, now we begin helping flush out other variables:

  • 2x Jace, the Mind Sculptor - Board control in popping a creature, but more importantly, the Brainstorm once a turn is CRUCIAL to the tempo of the deck. The lockdown this deck does can even potentially give the opportunity to ultimate him (because nothing could be more epic then that!)

  • 4x Enchantress's Presence - My bread and butter to my toast. Running 4 is vital. The consistency is crucial to the tempo of the deck and is another stackable benefit. These 4 slots used to be taken by Rhystic Study while still Dimir. A very amazing card indeed, but I can speed through my deck a lot sooner with the mistress for it averages over double my draw speed.

  • 2x Creeping Tar Pit - With 24 land and a deck designed to stall out the opponent and his/her creatures, an unblockable 3/2 every turn is vital to speed up your win without losing any value to the deck.

  • 1x Zur's Weirding - With my new amount of card draw this deck is grabbing, the opponent can not afford the life to prevent the draws. On the flip side, I will continue to allow them to draw everything but counter spells. That will be my only investment of life in this deck other than fetches and the occasional necessary shock land. With that in mind, I have been giving much consideration to swapping this out for a single Vexing Shusher. This requires 2 green mana (the biggest downside). Once on the field though, so long as I have a green source open (which won't be hard b/c I will already have 2 green mana) the opponent's control is GONE.

This Deck is developing into One-of-a-Kind and is exceptionally well against other legacy decks

(for being such a weird deck, I feel 5/11 Legacy matches is an amazing win/loss ratio!)


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