Burn their lands... All their Lands.

This is my competitive land destruction deck. The basic idea is to keep your opponent from getting Mana curve by preventing them from getting more than two lands at a time. And hopefully getting Chalice of the Void and Trinisphere into play turn 3 before our opponent can get past two mana. Once we have them locked down with not enough lands to cast past Trinisphere 's requirements we beat them into the ground and keep them at 0 or 1 land.


Abrade - - An early answer to both creatures and artifacts these are extremely useful in holding back early game drops while we shut our opponent out with Chalice of the Void and Trinisphere . I choose to go with these due to the added artifact removal effect as well as avoiding the 1 counter Chalice of the Void which counters Lightning Bolt .

Arid Mesa - fetchland - Used to pull Mountain and reduce the number of "dead lands" we draw mid-late game. This deck becomes controlling and operational at three mana so we don't need/want to be drawing too much mana late game. These also can be a target for Boom which we can then sacrifice in response for a mountain.

Boom / Bust - / - The Boom portion of this is an early response as soon as turn two to begin depleting opponents of their lands and limiting their casting choices. Some of the best targets for this are our Darksteel Citadel , Cascading Cataracts , fetch lands, or horizon lands, and then one of their lands. Bust is our late game land wipe if for some reason we lost our early game control or drew poorly and need to set the game back with us having a Darksteel Citadel or Cascading Cataracts or preferable several of each, givings us a mana advantage to hold them out after the land wipe.

Cascading Cataracts - land - Cataracts acts as a second version of Darksteel Citadel serving as an indestructible target for Boom while also providing quick recovery of our mana base following Bust .

Chalice of the Void - - Chalice can be a great turn 1 (with Simian Spirit Guide ) or turn 2 shutdown for most combo decks and can shutdown mono-red virtually instantly. This also allows us to hold down opponents in conjunction with Trinisphere and lock them out of the game while we win.

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame - - Providing 2 damage per turn as a win condition when needed is great. Ultimately we play this Chandra for her ability to flashback land destruction spells from the graveyard. Able to hit Molten Rain , Pillage , and Abrade gives us some returnable artifact, land, or creature removal which is a great extra effect for a card which otherwise can act as a win condition when successfully shutting our opponent out of casting. Can also pump Chandra, Torch of Defiance , although you will rarely have both in play.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - - An alternative win-con for this deck Chandra can either feed us cards to play if we run short of a hand to cast, or can be used to generate for casting more or bigger spells from our hand. Can be a last resort 4 damage creature removal if we need to remove something that slipped through our prison. And most importantly if we tick up an unanswered Chandra for too long we can use her -7 to essentially end the game giving us huge damage spikes of 5 damage every time we cast.

Crumble to Dust - - Remove all copies of target land from the game. This is fantastic against decks running any specific land as a fallback or win-con. This also works nicely against modern affinity as you can remove all copies of Darksteel Citadel from your opponent's deck which often are needed to get their metalcraft operational early game. Against Tron one of these is automatic prevention of their tron lands becoming operational in the match up. Against Scapeshift you can remove their main win-con of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle , or four copies of one of their non-basic mountains holding the deck down from enough lands to activate Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle 's damage.

Darksteel Citadel - land - I love these because of their synergy with Boom / Bust allowing me to destroy opponents lands on turn two and at cost without destroying one of our own lands. These additionally survive the blast of Bust making them perfect for casting or CMC spells right after recovering from the land-wipe.

Ensnaring Bridge - - Ensnaring Bridge is a phenomenal way to freeze attacks again aggro decks or decks which seek to win the game through creatures. Because much of our hand we are dumping as land drops or as turn 2-4 cast our hand is usually diminished early in the game making Ensnaring Bridge extra effective. Another piece of the prison.

Fiery Islet - land - Horizon land, this can be sacrificed to draw us a card if the extra mana is less relevant then the card draw but still provides if necessary. Can also act as a target for Boom which then can be sacrificed in response to draw a card.

Molten Rain - - One of our go-to CMC land destruction spells. Has the added bonus of dealing two damage to our opponent if the land is a non-basic land.

Mountain - basic land - Supplies us with that .

Pillage - - A standard land destruction three CMC sorcery with an added value of being able to target and destroy artifacts when necessary. Made Modern legal via Modern Horizons reprinting.

Roiling Terrain - - Roiling I tend to hold onto as possible. Only playing it early if it is our only land destruction in hand. In drawn out matches or against decks which use a large amount of fetchlands this can pack a significant punch of damage and really end games.

Simian Spirit Guide - - Can provide a turn 1 Boom or Chalice of the Void , or can provide a turn 2 Trinisphere allowing us to take control earlier with less room for response. Late game if we don't need mana can be used as a 2/2 blocker or even some additional damage to close out a game. I tend to sideboard this in when I win game one and think that the early mana boost can help me get ahead as though I went first (assuming our opponent will choose to be on the play).

Sunbaked Canyon - land - Horizon land, this can be sacrificed to draw us a card if the extra mana is less relevant then the card draw but still provides if necessary. Can also act as a target for Boom which then can be sacrificed in response to draw a card. In the right meta we can also use this land to cast card: Leyline of Sancity from the hand, it it is actually worth it to do.

Trinisphere - - This is own we make sure that our land destruction really holds our opponents out of the game. Trinisphere forces all spells cast by any player to cost a minimum of mana. With the majority of our deck costing three mana it has little effect on us besides for Surgical Extraction which we can use before casting it if we have drawn any. I personally prefer this against most low casting cost decks over Chalice of the Void due to its ability to mess up , , and CMC cast all for the cost of one card and mana. With our mana control, we have through destroy land spells it also tends to shut down decks if we can draw well. Trinisphere can also shut down Cascade commonly seen in Jund decks, as well as any other decks that seek to cheat cast cards into play for free.

Wooded Foothills - fetchland - Used to pull Mountain and reduce the number of "dead lands" we draw mid-late game. This deck becomes controlling and operational at three mana so we don't need/want to be drawing too much mana late game. These also can be a target for Boom which we can then sacrifice in response for a mountain.

Anger of the Gods - - This is our almighty creature removal. card: Anger of Gods is the perfect card for this deck since we are limiting our opponent's mana so most of the creatures they will be putting into play are going to be low costing with likely 3 or less toughness. It also is great for creatures like Arclight Phoenix who bounce from opponents graveyard as we can remove them from the game permanently.

Blood Moon - - A sideboard card which can be pulled in versus tron, humans, scapeshift, or any other deck which has given up their basic lands for a greedy number of non-basics in a deck which cannot make use of red mana. When I sideboard these in I typically sideboard out Molten Rain and Crumble to Dust ; Crumble to Dust cannot target any lands once Blood Moon is in play, and Molten Rain becomes less effective vs. mountains as it loses the 2 damage effect. Additionally, once we have Blood Moon in play we only need destroy basic lands our opponents have to keep them off their colors so reducing the amount of land destruction allows us to bring in more win-con from the sideboard such as our creatures.

Deus of Calamity - - While the casting cost is extremely hard to hit, a late game Cascading Cataracts make this playable as a sideboard card. Currently in testing, however the fact he is a 6/6 trample is great for a big creature win-con out of the sideboard after our opponents have sideboarded out creature removal. The passive fits with the strategy of keeping our opponents off lands and becomes a reusable land destruction each turn if we are able to keep it on board.

Ratchet Bomb - - A great card to drop into play when the opponent only has 0 or 1 land in play and we have a Trinisphere in play preventing them from casting. Or when we have nothing else to cast or cast at early game. Ratchet Bomb is great as if we can predict what they will play that we need to remove ( Surgical Extraction is great at helping us plan for that) we can get up to that number of counters and wait. I especially like this because other than Trinisphere this deck requires very few non-land permanents to operate. Crucible of Worlds and Trinisphere having the same CMC of is also nice as it really un-restricts Ratchet Bomb 's use without us worrying about collateral damage.

Shivan Wumpus - - Force your opponent to decide between a 6/6 trample or sacrificing a land. The downside to be aware of is that your opponent can allow you to cast the Wumpus in order to break out of being held down by land destruction. I tend to only cast Shivan Wumpus when I have no other land destruction cards left in hand or if my opponent only has 0 or 1 land in play and cannot break out past my control anyway.

Bloodstained Mire - fetchland - Used to pull Mountain and reduce the number of "dead lands" we draw mid-late game. This deck becomes controlling and operational at three mana so we don't need/want to be drawing too much mana late game. These also can be a target for Boom which we can then sacrifice in response for a mountain.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All - land - Sideboard this in against to fight their counter spells. This card is a nail in the coffin against decks which rely solely on counter spells if we can draw one early. Taken out of the sideboard as it was too narrow and the current meta requires wider sideboard tech. Counter spells are often not played outside of Azorius control which is too small of a share of the meta to use 3 sideboard slots for.

Fulminator Mage - - Fulminator Mage is a three mana land destruction when needed which can also be activated later for double land destruction when needed who also serves as a 2/2 creature for attacking and blocking late game. Keeps with our CMC target and gives the deck some extra creep block when needed.

Grafdigger's Cage - -This card assist Surgical Extraction with ending dredge decks or Arclight Phoenix decks with additional hard counter to them. With a cost it is easily dropped into play early in play and unlike Leyline of the Void which I ran in this sideboard previously we do not need to rely on it being in our opening hand after sideboarding to get any use out of it.

Lightning Bolt - - Single target removal for creature, planeswalker, or just for bolting your opponent to the face to close out a game. These can be turned off by Chalice of the Void but is generally still worth it as an early response to creature pressure or low CMC planeswalker.

Pithing Needle - - This is our go to answer for opponents who play planeswalker as their primary win con. Especially effective against Teferi and Karn. Pithing has a variety of other sideboard uses against artifacts and other activated effects.

Shattering Spree - () - The best red spell to counter artifact decks in my opinion. gives us the ability to destroy artifacts early and delete tons of artifacts later game. Replaced for more sideboard tech since we can use multipurpose main red cards for artifact removal like Abrade and Pillage .

Stone Rain - - Destroy target land. A simple consistency addition to keep the CMC land destruction in hand. Replaced with Pillage after Modern Horizon's release due to the flexibility added by Pillage to destroy artifacts.

Surgical Extraction - - An unbelievable answer to Arclight Phoenix , Dredge, almost every single turn 1 win combo, or any answers to our deck we would like to remove from the game. This card is phenomenal in control and just about every format. Usually seen in sideboards I main board a playset of these in several decks due to experience with these being the best answer to so many decks in competitive modern. These were pulled from this deck however because they didn't feel effective in a deck striving to play a turn 1 Chalice of the Void .

Tectonic Reformation - - A new addition from Modern Horizon's release. I'm testing this as a one off. Early game if we need to draw it can be cycled and because cycling isn't casting we can do this for 2 if we have a Trinisphere out or a Chalice of the Void with two counters. If we draw this later on or are mana flooding we can cast this and cycle our mountains to make sure we are hitting land destruction and don't give up our mana-lock to a land draw or to mana flooding.

The perfect hand for this deck looks something like this:

(On the play) 2x Mountain

1x Darksteel Citadel

1x Boom / Bust

1x Trinisphere

1x Simian Spirit Guide

1x Chalice of the Void

Other good starting hands could be:

1x Mountain

1x Cascading Cataracts

1x Boom

1x Simian Spirit Guide

1x Trinisphere

1x Stone Rain

1x Shivan Wumpus

or any similar hand giving us some mana, early land disrupt, and hopefully a Trinisphere or Chalice of the Void for the lock out.

Turn 1: Mountain + Exile Simian Spirit Guide , cast Chalice of the Void

Turn 2: Darksteel Citadel or Cascading Cataracts , cast Boom / Bust targeting our Darksteel Citadel and whichever land our opponent has in play (likely one land if we were lucky and went first).

Turn 3: Mountain or substitute of any other land we have to play, cast Trinisphere ending opponents early game.

Turn 4 + 5: If we went first we can likely shutdown the game permanently here by casting Boom / Bust , Molten Rain , Roiling Terrain , Stone Rain , Crumble to Dust , Shivan Wumpus to destroy lands keeping them at between 0-2 mana depending on who went first, if they have played a mana each turn. Getting Chalice of the Void into play if our opponents stop hitting land drops can also further minimize their chance of recovering.

Turn 6+: Boom / Bust for the bust cost, is a viable ways to close down games even further. Otherwise we continue to disrupt land and hopefully finish them quickly with Shivan Wumpus , Roiling Terrain , and Chandra, Torch of Defiance .

The main strategy of this deck is to prevent your opponents from being able to get or keep mana curve and prevent them from casting by destroying all of their lands (obviously). What I have tried to do with this deck is to find low-cost, high reward land destruction cards and tried to combo them with each other and with other control cards such as Trinisphere .

Boom / Bust combo'd with Darksteel Citadel is the earliest land destruction combo that can be played in this deck. If the deck is on the play it allows me to destroy their first land before their second turn holding them down before they can mana ramp or play anything of significance.

With tons of land destruction and even land remove from game the idea is to keep them below Trinisphere 's mana requirement while slowly beating them down with damage from our sorcery and eventually Shivan Wumpus .

Thoughts, comments, +1, or anything appreciated!


Updates Add

Yet another 2-2 Modern Night with some extremely bad plays in our match 4 which just totally punted both games.

Match 1: Bye (boring way to start off the night)

Match 2: 0-2 vs Jund rendition of Rock. Game 1: bad draws into 3 Trinisphere. Tarmogoyf ran over me before I had time to get a wincon in play. Game 2: went better but still failed to draw any removal and was out-valued by Dark Confidant drawing him lands faster than I could destroy them. Match up exploited several weaknesses which incoming changes especially to the sideboard will hopefully at least address.

Match 3: 2-0 vs Red burn splash green and white. Game 1: Turn 1'd a Chalice of the Void on the play, turn 2 destroyed a land with boom, turn 3 Trinisphere, turn 4 Chalice of the Void for 2. Dream prison start, was able to lock our opponent out without ever giving him a chance (cruelly) he scooped. Game 2: A bit more back and forth we answered their Goblin guide with an abrade before it dealt its 6th damage but after it gave us our 2nd land off the top out of three swings. Turn two Chalice of the void for 1 and turn three Trinisphere locked him out as he didn't hit his 3rd land drop.

Match 4: 0-2 vs Amulet Titan. Game 1: Unfortunately, on turn 3 I played the wrong land from my hand, missing the second mountain for Molten Rain (punt #1) which would have destoryed a land producing two mana. Trinisphere was down on two so this would have locked them out for one turn. Instead he cast a creature, plays two extra lands per its effect, and uses those lands and the bounce effect to gain 4 life. Turn 4 kill the land a turn late (punt part 2) instead of killing the creature letting him play all the lands. On his next turn Primeval comes down in combo gaining him 4 life and putting in a ton of mana and swinging for 6 double strike haste trample.
Game 2: Game two starts off great, we destory their land on our turn two, then again on our turn 3, and then turn for cast a Shivan Wumpus while they have one land that taps for two in play. I exile all copies of a land from his deck on turn 5 and see our opponents hand. He has a green and a blue Pact so I drop a Chalice of the Void for 0. Incoming Punt, I swing at face on turn 6 instead of at the Karn, the Great Creator they play trying to rush the win (Mycosynth Lattice in their hand). Punt two, I allow them to cast an Engineered Explosives for 0 which they use to destroy Chalice of the Void. They then cast mycosynth lattice, I float mana, it resolves, I abrade it with the floated mana. I get countered by a pact of negation which never should have been able to cast, see punt 2. Deck was definitely capable of taking either of these games off of Amulet Titan and going to game three or even potentially winning both games but I managed to punt before we could see how they would have played out. Unfortunate end to the night but we'll make some changes before going into Win-A-Box Modern Horizon's night next week.

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