Pretty basic Bant Exalted deck built around Rafiq of the Many. Turn 1 Noble Hierarch means turn 2 Ardent Plea cascade into a Sigiled Paladin then turn 3 drop Sublime Archangel and swing with an 8/8 first strike then at least a 10/9 flying the next turn. Drop a Rafiq of the Many turn 4 thats a 12/11 flying double strike. Rancor allows for all of that exalted buff you worked to hard to get to make it straight to the face. Give him double strike or a second combat phase, you can say GG to your opponent. I'm Sure someone will ask "Why aren't you running Cathedral of War???" The answer is simple, It slows me down. It comes into play tapped, and very few generic symbols exist on my creatures. A turn 1 cathedral of warfare doesn't allow me to play Akrasan Squire or Noble Hierarch. It also prevents me from playing turn 2 Sigiled Paladin and Ethercaste Knight . So don't ask about that card! Although it suffers to some control and sweepers, this deck can annihilate super fast. Just roll some disruption and that control worry is no more.


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