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Standard Aggro Humans Tribal W/B (Orzhov)




This deck started off as a cheaper, knock-off of version of Tom Martell's The Aristocrats. Without the Boros Reckoner or Falkenrath Aristocrat cards (too expensive for me to buy), this deck then morphed into a Orzhov Human deck.

Basic goal of this deck is to get lots of humans on the field and be as aggressive as possible with them. Some strategies of this deck:

  1. Cards like Doomed Traveler or Lingering Souls can be used as sacrifice fodder for Cartel Aristocrat so she can push through for damage and/or to trigger morbid effects for Tragic Slip or Skirsdag High Priest.
  2. Champion of the Parish's inclusion should be obvious. If he isn't removed quickly he gets scary big in a human deck.
  3. Pairing almost anything with Silverblade Paladin is amazing. Double striking Champion of the Parish: cool! Cartel Aristocrat: amazing with double strike! And of course you can pair him with a spirit token for air support. If you are lucky you can get a 5/5 double strike flying demon token (it's happened.)
  4. Skirsdag High Priest isn't especially aggressive but if you have open creatures creating a 5/5 demon is scary and not too difficult. Bonus if you combo him with Cartel Aristocrat and Doomed Traveler. It's possible to get a turn 3 demon token w/ this deck, ie Doomed Traveler>Skirsdag High Priest>Cartel Aristocrat.
  5. Use Maw of the Obzedat as a finisher by sacrificing any blocked creatures to push through for extra damage.

Overall, this is a fun deck that can win you some FNMs. It has worked well for me and I've managed to rack up some store credit with this deck from it's wins. It regularly goes 3/0 or 2/1 at my local shop with 12-20 people playing in FNM.


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