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Dwayne Johnson's Final Form

Commander / EDH*




New Hour of Devastation commander The Scorpion God

Can you smell The Rock's transformation? You thought the Scorpion King was the last time you would see him?

He has now ascended from this

The King

To this

The God

Boy is it ever an improvement too. The CGI for that movie was awful.

Main focus of this deck is to use as many -1/-1 counters to keep drawing cards using the scorpion god's ability. This may be global or targeted. Add Corrosive Mentor and every black creature which is most of them gains combat damage -1/-1 counters.

Or targeted counter distribution

Soul-Scar Mage and Everlasting Torment are the real focus of the deck. Allowing your burn spells to also become -1/-1 counter producers. Bonfire of the Damned becomes -1/-1's for each creature thats hit and is a wonderful draw engine with the Scorpion god.

The other aspect to this deck besides burn and -1/-1's is reanimation. Wither creatures dont pack a huge punch and are pretty squishy. Plus you want to bring Soul-Scar Mage back as much as possible.

Archfiend of Ifnir and Ruthless Sniper need some cycle and discard to make them work correctly. So Oppression and the cycle lands have been added to make this more available. With the draw engine of Necropotence and The Scorpion God along with reanimation, Oppression should be a big hit as everyone is affected and this deck still gets a benefit.

All this together should give Brendan Fraser a run for his money.

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