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Drown Victims




Decided I wanted to make a Rise from the Tides deck and threw this together in about 15 minutes. It needs a lot of tweaking but I'm starting to really like it.

It's pretty much your a normal u/b Control deck. Kill spells in the form of Never / Return, Go for the Throat, Agony Warp and Languish should take out any creatures you see. Never / Return can also give you a blocker if needed. A few Counterspell and a couple Negate for backup.

I tried to balance the draw spells between cards that let me fill the bin a little and cards that will let me dig for my wincons. Rise from the Tides is the primary wincon. From Under the Floorboards can help stall while I'm digging for Rise from the Tides or while I try to fill the grave to make it bigger.

It needs some work so I'm welcome to any and all suggestions. Thanks and Glory to the Firemind!


Replaced Counterspell with Mana Leak because I have a ton of early removal that require double black mana.

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