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"The Dromoka are a true community, dragons and desert survivors bound together by their common allegiance to their devoted dragonlord. The clan embodies the draconic aspect of endurance, and their symbol, fittingly, is the dragon's scale. The same scale is woven into the armor they wear to battle, granting them protection. They march in close ranks and fight with the support and cooperation of the dragons in Dromoka's brood." - Planeswalker's Guide to Dragons of Tarkir

The clan is as one

Having read the story about Dromoka and her clan, I thought it would be really cool to build an EDH deck that emulates the clan and their structure.

As a commander, Dromoka works very well.

Flying and Lifelink

-Can't be countered

-Prevents players from playing spells on your turn.

The deck has fifteen dragons, Twelve Humans, Various cards pertaining to Dromoka herself such as Dromoka's Command and Dromoka Monument. I tried to balance as much as I could between ramp and card draw. There are several boardwipes and single target removals. Several of the cards were taken from the Feline Ferocity 2017 deck as there were many good utilities in there.

I really like associating a theme to my decks and I feel that this one worked pretty well. I chose fifteen dragons as they are really the only dragons of the green and white color variety that are worth using in a deck and there really isn't much else. I tried to use mostly Human soldiers but, I was pretty limited there as well, so there are a couple of warriors but that shouldn't matter too much. Other creatures like Sigarda, Heron's Grace are a pretty good fit in the deck as she has flying, creates human soldiers, and gives humans in general hexproof.

I would really appreciate any feedback anybody might have for improving this deck. I am not against spending some money on a card if it fits well.

Here are some notable combinations that I have found:

Abundance + Sylvan Library Every time you draw a card Abundance triggers. Sylvan Library lets you draw three cards.

Enlightened Tutor + Sensei's Divining Top Use Top to pull the card immediately off of the library into your hand.

Captain Sisay + Yavimaya Hollow When fetching for Legendary's Yavimaya Hollow is always a good first choice, as you can bring back many of your creatures for cheap.

A few card highlights:

Shelter This card is super underrated. Make a creature unblockable, prevent lethal combat damage, prevent targeted effects and auras. Plus draw a card.


Updates Add

I have been trying to do as must testing with this deck as possible and have discovered that a few of the creatures in the deck weren't really helping me at all. Either their abilities were two slow or there was not enough of a benefit from them to be useful.

Creature Changes:

-1 Alabaster Dragon with +1 Steel Hellkite More power and toughness, Far better abilities, Thanks for the suggestion Jimmy_Chinchila

-1 Abzan Falconer with +1 Captain Sisay Human Solider, Fetches legendary's

-1 Den Protector with +1 Eternal Witness Human, Instant card pull from graveyard

-1 Hidden Dragonslayer with +1 Grand Abolisher Human, Similar ability to Dromoka

Other Replacements:

-1 Loxodon Warhammer with +1 Sword of the Animist Creature buff, Basic land fetch

Added one Forest and removed one Plains for further mana balancing

The deck is really starting to play well and I am really happy that I focused a little more on the protection aspect lately as that has helped keep my creatures alive just long enough to do some real damage when I need it the most. I still would appreciate any further suggestions that people may have to improve this deck.


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