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Dredging Ooze (Budget) (Turn 3 Win)

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This is a budget deck. land base could be better (more Blood Moon proof) and the sideboard is still a working progress.
This deck is all about creating a non interactive instant speed win from no where.
Turn 3 win is possible
Turn 4 win is probable
and its very rare indeed to go into turn 6 against a non control deck (grixis control).

The Combo
Necrotic Ooze on the field + Morselhoarder and Devoted Druid in the graveyard = instant speed INFINITE MANA!!!!

And what do we do with all this mana i hear you ask well we use it to activate Orzhov Guildmage (either on the field or in the graveyard). and the best thing is once that ooze hits the deck Nothing can stop the win!!!!(..... except Angel's Grace and Sudden Spoiling but no one plays Sudden Spoiling and that is literally it in the whole modern meta :D )

Ideal turn 3 win. scenario
Turn one City of Brass into Faithless Looting (dumping at least 1 dredge card)
Turn two Dredge! (don't even think about drawing a card). play a land (literaly anything) and play Devoted Druid.
Turn three Dredge! ( by playing a Darkblast in the up keep if required). if you used Darkblast lay a land. Use Devoted Druid to float 2G mana and sac itself (adding itself to the graveyard) then using 2 land and the 2 floating mana either cast Necrotic Ooze from your hand or Unburial Rites and resurrecting an ooze. combo win

needless to say this is rare but if you lay a land every turn and dredge and loot away in your first three turns. If you can lay a land turn 4 it should be a walk in the park.

Decks Main Weaknesses
Blood Moon and Graveyard hate (we are more resilient than most dredge decks as we can wait it out the win instantly with an ooze on the field dump combo pieces with looting .ect and then combo off before they can exile .ect If need be but they definitely slow us down.
Secondly those pesky turn 2 wins infect, deathshadow, grishoalbrand ect


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