Oh no! Not another Meren deck?! I hate Meren decks, with their stupid self milling, sacrificing, reanimating, dredging, enter the battlefield, stuff happens when something dies bollocks. Why can't you just play proper Magic like everyone else? This is why Bojuka Bog is a thing. And oh look, there's Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, just waiting for your graveyard to fill up so he can sacrifice some big fat bastard like Lord of Extinction or Quillspike (after you do that stupid combo with Devoted Druid) and win without even trying. Aren't you clever? Oh and Spore Frog too! Sac and reanimate that little shit every turn why don't you? While you faff around for some cutesy win condition. Seriously, no one likes you or your stupid deck. Go home.

(Well, at least it's not stax)


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