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Using the new Ashiok, Dream Render with Glimpse as it's sister spell. If opponent is playing control, and you don't think you can mill them out, you can try to mill yourself and win with either the new Jace or Lab Man.

I opted to stay away from control pretty much altogether here. I know that it's almost blasphemous to not include a Counterspell, Dispel, or Mana Drain in any deck including Blue, but I really think it takes away from the best creatures and equipment to move this deck along enough to win in either proposed fashion.

I've also included the Dark Depths / Vampire Hexmage combo, because even if you don't turn over the Depths, you can still use Hexmage to remove a Planeswalker. Slick. Thing in the Ice is also here for the same treatment. It's pressuring enough on it's own if you don't have the Hexmage too. (Edit: Have also made room for Thespian's Stage, which will copy Depths without counters, making it transform to Marit Lage immediately).

Oblivion Sower does its exiling when "cast", so it doesn't need to stick to remove 4 cards. I used Serum Visions and Thought Scour over Opt, since Opt places a card back on the bottom of the library, and essentially doesn't assist our win-con... so with Thought Scour we at least keep things moving. I've included a few hand thinning staples like Thoughtseize, Duress, and Hymn to Tourach, in order to take away as much control magic as possible from our opponents, and keep their number of answers at a minimum. This was just more important for me to have here than the control staples. I really want to take the aggressive approach. If it seems to fail in my meta, I'll adjust and add an update, but looking at these cards, I feel like they'd just be wasting counter spells on stopping me from removing those same said counter spells. Just seems like we will be either thinning their hand well, or baiting out the counterspells regardless. My type of build.. give them little choice if any.

I saw a nice OG Ashiok Oathbreaker build on YT (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1qU_jnTh8q5J-zji0vk-Q Go Subscribe!!!), and it was really very cool, but he had the counter package in, and left out some bombs like Mesmeric Orb. If you can get that to stick, you'll have access to your hand, your grave as a second hand, and be dumping SO MANY of your opponents cards. It only takes a couple of turns to get them low enough to Glimpse for a win. You can also swap out Nemesis for Windfall if you feel it will just be removed. I like Nemesis, because it is a big body that helps our cause. No Hexproof or evasion, but notice that it mills when it attacks, regardless of if it gets through.

The only thing I'm leaving open ended, basically to see if its a huge issue or not, is that by milling, we're also essentially giving any heavy control/buyback player additional resources. So I may add a Tormod's Crypt and another way to dump a grave into exile. I just need it to be the opponents grave only, and I'm not sure what I'd remove to do it. If they seem to have the type of deck that can shuffle their yard back into their library, just go for the win by milling yourself instead, and churn through till you hit the Maniac or Jace.

Baby Jace is in here too, as he filters and turns cards over. We've got the 2 low cmc early mana rocks to help get us to Nemesis/Sower/Wurmcoil territory. Speaking of Wurmcoil, it "could" be swapped out for that Tormod's, but I really like its value and natural recursion. It replaces itself, and for those of us like myself who are used to 1v1 Commander's 30 life total, the 20 in Oathbreaker seems like a much smaller resource. For that reason, I like having the Lifelink from the Wurmcoil and it's offspring. Our average cmc is mostly very low, so I don't mind having it. However, we are also running that Elixir of Immortality for the same reason, but it lacks the aggressive body. Elixir also recurs itself, but possibly even more times, so if we end up not needing the Wurmcoil's body, it can be replaced. I just happen to love the card.

Some other good includes are Etrata. She can't be blocked, which makes her the perfect candidate for Jitte. That adds some nice flexibility and removal options for us, and her natural ability gives us another way to win a game in three turns, AND exiles creatures. Nasty. True-Name is also a good candidate. Startled Awake dumps 13 cards, and comes back from the yard to do it again quite often. Auto-include, even though it's cmc is up there. In a 60 card singleton format, it seems very valuable.

Our tutors are: Vampiric, Mystical, Imperial Seal, and Demonic.

Our hand disruption is: Probe (just peeking), Inquisition, Duress, Thoughtseize, Hymn.

Our removal is: Elderspell (NEW FUN!), To the Slaughter, Ruinous Path, Imprisoned in the Moon. Note: You'll notice I stayed away from Fatal Push and creature only removal like Dismember. We don't care about small creatures too much. But we do want to shut down their Oathbreaker General, so these cards all do the trick without being super costly. I considered Dismember, but with only 20 life, and the win con via Mill, it's too risky to pay that much life. This also is my reasoning for using Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse to grab basics only, so we'd avoid the loss of life from the fancy fetches. I own them, I just don't think they are needed and I prefer to live to see the mill win, so I only used Polluted Delta which is on both colors, and avoided the others like Bloodstained Mire entirely.

That's about it for now. Will update as I play more.

Open to any and all suggestions, but please stick with the plan that we will not be using a control package. Let's keep it based on hand disruption and churning through our own cards even if we are aiming our mill spells their way.


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