Casting illusions, countering spells and going through the library until a victorious self-mill: this is the ideal strategy of this deck.

Thanks to Narset 's static ability, I am the only only benefiting from general drawing effects, starting from the chosen signature spell Prosperity . Also Howling Mine , Kami of the Crescent Moon and Jace Beleren 's +1 loyalty ability are cheap ways to draw repeatedly extra cards without sharing the benefit with the opponents. Anvil of Bogardan in a way adds insult to injury, as it forces to discard a card but opponents do not get the extra one or the benefit of the no maximum hand size when Narset is around.

The rest of the deck resolves around Laboratory Maniac , key piece for the win, supported by cards such as Leveler , Traumatize , mill Jace and others. It's thus important to keep some counterspell in hand to protect the precious mad scientist.

This is also an illusion tribal deck, allowing to interact more on what opponents may cast onto the battlefield.


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