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This isn't the first version of this Deck. I've constantly been working on it. Its finally at a point where I think it's worth posting though. I'm not quite sure what kind of Archetype this deck is, I wanna say Midrange but it's not really Aggro, and it doesn't have any control. Maybe "Combo?" I have no clue. You guys are the experts, you tell me. LOL

As the name suggests its all about draw power. This deck takes a few turns to get on its feet, but I've noticed that if/when it can/does, it does pretty well. The challenge for me with this deck is getting there in meantime. Sedge Scorpion and Sylvan Caryatid are meant for that(and Mana ramp from the Caryatid), and hopefully I can get out the draw power creatures by then. I know the main weakness to this deck is it's early game strategy. Any help with how I can get this deck up on its feet faster, or how I can stall out the game longer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Edit I decided to take out Doubling Season because @this is a deck centered more around the +1+1 counter aspect rather than tokens. So only half the card's potential was being used, B, it drastically cheapened the deck, and then C, it allowed me to put some cheaper draw power cards into the deck to hopefully make it a little faster.


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