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Drain and Burn their Blood

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos) Tribal Vampires


Here's a deck that highly synergies with the discard mechanic madness and the good old Vampire tribal, that has seen a couple of good creatures joining the tribe in Shadow over Innistrad. It also highly counts on a good early game board presence to maintain pressure throught out the game. Stromkirk Vampire and Bloodline Keeper are definitely your win conditions, keeping your board healthy and thirsty for blood. Your good beatdown creatures are Heir of the Falkenrath, Incorrigible Youths and Drana, Liberator of Malakir, even though every single vampire can be a threat during the game because of tribal synergy. I run seven burn spells, which is the finisher of the deck. You can use the Lightning Bolts and the Fiery Tempers has removal for good tempo swings, but you usually burst down your opponent from six or nine health with them. If you take a look at the sideboard, I putted the Cavern of Souls there because they could be a great addition, but I don't play them myself for budget reasons. Finally, the sustain cards are Night's Whisper and Asylum Visitor, keeping your threats coming. Don't hesitate to try out Tormenting Voice for more discard synergy, because it also gets the job done by allowing you to cast a madness card and draw two. GLHF!


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