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Dragons of Fire and Light

Casual Casual Dragons RW (Boros) Tribal



Dragons of Fire and Light

The Dragons

Two-Headed Dragon : Two-heads means twice as hard to block. pump him up for a quick 8-10 damage.

Balefire Dragon : 6/6 that's a one sided board wipe.

Alabaster Dragon : white 4/4 that never dies.

Ryusei, the Falling Star : 5/5 that cost only one mountain and he deals 5 damage to all non-fliers on death.

Yosei, the Morning Star : white 5/5 on death tap out your opponent.

Steel Hellkite: 5/5 color and only land escapes his permanent destroying wrath.

This is basically a remake of the first magic deck I ever made and it holds a place close to my heart as I've had so many great battles with it. It is just a casual deck that doesn't follow any format and use some way too OP cards. But it tries to do something that's not seen often which is Boros colored dragons! If you like the deck please +1!

ps: Wizard print more white dragons!!!!



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