A Dragon Tribal deck with the goal of utilising The Ur-Dragon's abilities to their full extent.

Keep in mind that the curve graph on the right does not take into account the Ur-Dragon's cost reduction effect, and so does not reflect the true curve of the deck.


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I made a few changes in the past few months, some of which I haven't drawn yet but we shall see what the new year will bring.

I have cut 4 of the creatures so far: Dromoka, the Eternal , Ojutai, Soul of Winter , Thunderbreak Regent , and Kilnmouth Dragon . Dromoka's +1+1 counters just weren't a good enough effect to justify keeping her in the deck, I have very rarely found situations where my flyers were not the biggest things at the table. Ojutai's ability, while powerful, never seemed to do enough. I may put him back in at some point and test some more. The Regent's lightning bolt never seemed to matter in a format with 40 life (though if it could hit a creature then that would really be something). And the Kilnmouth Dragon, while fantastic if you have dragons in hand... is lacklustre if you do not.

These creatures have been replaced by the following: Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip, Lathliss, Dragon Queen , Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma , and Archangel Avacyn  Flip. The first 3 should be self explanatory, but I'll admit Avacyn does look a bit out of place. I have yet to draw her to try her out, but being able to flash in another flyer and protect the team from a boardwipe seems extremely valuable.

For ramp, I have cut Coalition Relic and replaced it with Dragon's Hoard , an easy swap. I have also added a Fellwar Stone for further early acceleration.

I cut Conflux , hilarious and flavourful though it may be, for Omniscience ! This can be cheated out with our commander's ability and allows us to dump everything else in our hand that we have drawn.

I have replaced our sole tutor Sarkhan's Triumph with Eladamri's Call . One mana cheaper, slightly harder to cast, and can fetch one of our 7 non-dragon creatures should we have need of them.

I have also managed to trade for a few of the new Battlebond Dual Lands. My difficulty has been working out what to cut for them, given that they are unable to be fetched. In the end I picked the 2 green ones Bountiful Promenade and Spire Garden and swapped them with Ash Barrens and Temple of the False God . I may come to regret that swap later, but I have found both of those colourless lands to be not great when I've fallen behind in a game, and having extra duals that come in untapped helps a lot.

Lastly, I needed to cut one more card to get back to 99, and Asceticism was the one that didn't make it. While I love the effect, and want to find room for it, where it sits on the curve was very awkward.

During this period I also tried out Primevals' Glorious Rebirth . I forget that you need a legendary creature on the field in order to cast this. Planeswalkers don't count. This is just way too hard to pull off with our pool of creatures. I also tried out Aggravated Assault . The mana cost is intense, and this often just sat on the board providing not much value. I would like to test out other extra combat spells though.

Thank you for reading!


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