A Dragon Tribal deck with the goal of utilising The Ur-Dragon's abilities to their full extent.

Keep in mind that the curve graph on the right does not take into account the Ur-Dragon's cost reduction effect, and so does not reflect the true curve of the deck.


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Well it's been a bumpy flight. These are the changes I've made after the past few months of playtesting:

-1 Hellkite Charger The cost of this effect was simply too great to leave the mana up, and without Savage Ventmaw it just became that much harder. -1 Thundermaw Hellkite This effect hasn't been worth a slot in any of my playtesting. This is meta dependent though. -1 Scourge of Valkas The triple R cost was just too difficult to reliably cast. -1 Shaman of Forgotten Ways Had too many situations where I couldn't use it to cast a non-creature spell in my hand. -1 Explosive Vegetation Sits too awkwardly on the curve for what it does. -1 Painful Truths Found better card draw options to use. -1 Utter End Also found this sat too awkwardly on the curve, and casting it was sometimes difficult. -1 Evolving Wilds

+1 Ash Barrens This replaced the Evolving Wilds, it seems to be better basic fixing in a 5c deck. +1 Beast Within Easier to cast and cheaper than Utter End, with the 3/3 Beast Token being fairly negligible against the Dragons. +1 Boros Charm Fantastic for boardwipe protection, with the added bonus of allowing an out of nowhere Double Strike kill. +1 Sylvan Library Early repeatable card draw and card advantage is a must in this deck, and this serves an excellent purpose. +1 Zendikar Resurgent Ramp and card draw that can be cheated out with our commander's ability. +1 Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh Good Lord this card is nuts when cheated out with our commander. +1 is almost always a 6 for 1, and if you can untap with him it is basically game over. +1 Coalition Relic Great ramp at 3 cmc, harder to remove than mana dorks. +1 Whip of Erebos The lifelink is the main benefit here, Dragonlord Dromoka is often not enough to maintain a safe life total in multiplayer. The recursion effect is a nice bonus.

I would like to find room for an Aggravated Assault and Primevals' Glorious Rebirth in the future, but at the moment the list seems pretty tight! I've been very happy with it (and the deck is now sleeved in Jesper Ejsing's wonderful Tanur Dragonshield Art Sleeves, which look fantastic on the table and double as Red Dragon tokens in a pinch).


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